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Apr 15, 2006 05:10 PM

Ramen places in San Fernando Valley?

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Any good ramen places in SFV?

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  1. ON Sherman Way west of Sepulveda is a great ramen house called Kyushu Ramen. Try the Chanpon, it's my favorite.

    1. I don't think there are many ramen places in the SFV, period. The one that gets the most consistent notices here, and that I patronize regularly, is Kyushu Ramen on Sherman Way just a tad west of Sepulveda in Van Nuys.

      It's kind of a funny set-up in that there's one side with formica tables and too-bright lighting, and another side with somewhat more atmosphere. I'm not a ramen expert, and it's definitely no Daikokuya, but it's pretty good. I particularly like the chanpon, and the "small" chanpon is lots of food.

      Kyushu Ramen actually has a fairly large menu with lots of items in addition to ramen, including tempura, sushi, various entrees like pork cutlet curry, rice bowls, and after 6pm there are even more items in an izakaya-style menu. The takeout menu says open 7 days, 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. They do a good takeout business too.

      Kyushu Ramen
      15355 Sherman Way
      Van Nuys

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        Yeah, like I said..Kyushu ramen. But I guess two positive (and redundant) reviews is better than one in terms of convincing people to go there.

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          Yeah, sorry. Your rec wasn't up when I was writing mine, otherwise I might not have bothered, and then when I posted, you had just posted. I think it's interesting that we both recommended the chanpon, though. I actually also like the rice bowl with the pork cutlet atop, and sometimes the spicy fried squid legs (only available after 6pm), and my husband really likes the Korean-style short ribs which are also only available after 6pm.

          1. re: Debbie W.

            Oooh, the pork cutlet is DIVINE! Too bad the poster wanted ramen, but Chanpon is loverly too! I've never tried the short ribs, I will have to next time. The curried thing is pretty good, too. I also like what they can do to whole fish.

            Just a nice place. I do miss all the fun cartoons on the walls, though.

            The cartoons came down, and the prices went up!

      2. went to kyushu for the first time last night around 9.30pm and was very unimpressed. looked promising when we walked in and scoped the large menu. but then it just went downhill. the food was off and the service was horrible. i finished my entire meal and my wife's dish hadn't even been served. spider roll was burnt. a lot of dishes were bland. we brought two friends adn were a little embarrassed by it.

        there is a good japanese noodle shop in reseda south of roscoe and north of vanowen. i forget the name of it but it's on the northwest corner of one of the intersections off reseda in the corner of a strip mall.

        another good place japanese place is hatano on parthenia, about half a block east of tampa. their noodles are very good, the katsu-don is very good, but the sushi is just so-so.

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          The place you're thinking of on Reseda is Nippon Ramen!

        2. For ramen, it is Nippon Ramen on east side of Reseda, one block south of Hart. Having prowled Ramen Alley in Sapporo, Hokkaido, I can authoritatively advise you to go to Nippon Ramen, try the shio or wakame (seaweed) ramen and do not bother with Kyushu Ramen (unless you can go ten years ago).
          Nippon Ramen is a treat: food is always good, service is that unique Japanese blend of perfunctory politeness and speedy efficiency and they leave you alone while you eat. On a hot day their cold (hiyashi) ramen is divine.

          1. I will also put my vote in for Ramen Nippon (it is on Reseda, slightly past Sherman Way and across the street from Arby's). It is the best ramen in the valley. It actually reminds me of the year that I spent in Japan (Sapporo)...which is my way of saying that it's pretty damn authentic. Kyushu Ramen (on Sherman Way), oddly enough, does everything else well except for the ramen, which I find kind of "blah."

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              Nippon ramen owns! Never had a bad experience ever! Everything is authentic. (There are no "non-japanese" chefs in the back!)

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                Couldn't agree more about Nippon Ramen. It's head and shoulders above any ramen I've had. I was there this past weekend and I had the spicy miso ramen with a side of gyoza. Awesome!