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Sep 27, 2011 12:05 PM

Miyabi Morimoto 600 MC

Has anyone used this knife or know of any reviews? I have looked for information everywhere and can not find any!

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  1. Haven't used it. Closest thing I know of a credible, thorough review is the review on Zknives for the Miyabi 7000 MC gyuto. We can assume there are probably a lot of similarities, but still that's a different steel, different handle and different type of knife.

    The Miyabi knives in general have gotten quite good reviews from internet knife nerds who were not particularly inclined to say anything nice about Henckels. So it's probably not a bad pick, as knives that haven't been thoroughly reviewed go.

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    1. re: cowboyardee

      Just curious, why aren't people inclined to praise henckels?

      1. re: jfresch

        Ehh, a few reasons. For one, they've leveraged their fairly decent reputation to sell a lot of cheap crappy knives - the stuff you'll find for $30/set at department stores. For another, they represent the old school/German style which a lot of those guys don't like, especially the propaganda-like old school knife advice (forged is best, full tang is a must, full length bolster is the way to go, etc).

        Also, they're sort of mainstream knives whereas the knife forum guys just tend to like more obscure makers and new finds. Just not sexy enough.

        1. re: jfresch

          In the shortest possible way to describe the sentiment: "Overpriced"

          Cowboyardee's point about propaganda is also true. You feel like being constantly lied to when you read Henckels' statements.

          1. re: Chemicalkinetics

            Was it Henckels or Wusthoff that kept referring to their Kullenschliff knives as hollow ground? What stupid marketing moron thought that was a good idea? It just makes the manufacturer look ignorant. For me, these knives represent a particular steel and style, one that dominated the market for some time, when US steel was limited to Ecko and Old hickory and Chicago Cutlery. I have several and use them off and on. But today, there are other choices - lighter, better edge holding, more responsive and easier to use. To each their own.

            1. re: applehome

              Interesting. Do you have an opinion on the Morimoto 600 MC series?

              1. re: jfresch


                What do you want to know, specifically? The Morimoto series has a good reputation among some knife experts. They are thinner and sharper than some of the original Miyabi series. MC stands for microcarbide, so these are made with powder steel technology. Unlike the previous MC series from Henckels at 66 HRC, this new one is softer at 63 HRC.

                The very important aspect of getting a knife is to have a strategy for sharpening the knife. This is especially the case for getting Japanese style harder steel knife like this one. Many professional knife sharpeners do not understand that these knives need to be sharpened at a lower angle. They also are not used to sharpen powder steel.

              2. re: applehome

                Hollow ground is a bit confusing. I ran into the same problem at a Williams Sonoma store when I asked if a particular knife is hollow ground (as opposed to flat ground, convex ground...etc), and it resulted in some confusions.

                Wusthof has its part in confusing language as well. The new Wusthof grind is called the "PEtec" or PrecisionEdgeTechnology. Yet, it seems like Wusthof simply changed from a convex ground to a flat ground, and came up with a strange name.


                1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                  That's interesting that they dropped the hardness on the mc line, miyabi is very slow on updating their website, I wonder if it is related to sharpening difficulty. I still don't find it too bad if the bevel is small.
                  I did find a reveiw of the 600 mc and it's made fro CMV-60 which is also VG10 and is between 59~61 RC

                  1. re: Dave5440

                    Hey Dave,

                    I read that review too. I believe that is a review of the 600 D series, not the 600 MC. Yes, some of the Miyabi lines are made of VG-10, like this one, which is still on sale:


                    I expect anything named MC must be microcarbide and must be made used of the powder steel technology. In addition, that knife listed by jfresch is $350, and that would be expensive for a VG-10 knife I think.

                    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                      I'll have to do some searching on the 600 mc I hadn't heard of it, where did you get the info on the mc steel being dropped to 63rc
                      that was tough, i found the link above

                      1. re: Dave5440

                        "that was tough, i found the link above"

                        In that case, I assume you found the information you were asking then. :) Yeah, it is in the above link. Chefknivestogo also listed the same information:


                          1. re: Dave5440

                            :) I know.

                            $99 for a VG-10 Damascus pattern knife. I don't think it will blow you away since you have better knives, but it seems like like a good value knife.

                            By the way, I remember you said you bought a knife which you thought will be the very best and will be the last knife you ever bought, only to find out later that there are plenty other good knives like the Kasumi knife. I think you were talking about the Miyabi knife? Was that you?

                            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                              I'm not sure if that was me or not, It does sound familiar except for the kasumi part, I can't remember any of their knives so they didn't make an impression. I still love my miyabi but I think they could make at least some with a traditional handles , I really like the feel of the wood.

                            2. re: Dave5440

                              The more I see this knife sale posted, the closer I get to actually buying it. Stop tempting me!

                              1. re: TeRReT

                                TeRReT, buy it! :-D

                                I played a little with the Miyabi Birchwood at SLT & loved its balance, weight & feel. This looks like the "down-scale" version of the Birchwwood line, & $100 is a good price for an 8" VG-10 damascus-style gyuto.

                                1. re: TeRReT

                                  Like Eiron said, it is a good price for the knife. To be sure, you can visit Sur La Table, and see if the blade thickness and everything matches your expectation. Of course, if you already have a 8" VG-10 knife, then you probably don't need another one.

                                  1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                    I don't have a vg-10 which makes me want it more, I have no more money though because I just bought the edge pro last night, so if the knife is still on sale in a week, maybe, if not then it was not meant to be :P

                                    1. re: TeRReT

                                      That is ok. You are traveling in Japan, buying very awesome knives, so I am sure you have many things occupying your mind -- like the Deba knife you wanted to buy :)

                                      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                        Yeah, I will be back home in a week, in time to receive my edge pro, sharpen all my knives, and make canadian thanksgiving dinner for my family with nice sharp knives. And now, instead of coming back to japan for a week in january, I may come back for a year instead! Which gives lots of time to find new knives :D