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Sep 27, 2011 11:53 AM

Has anyone ever ordered takeout from Marcello's? Does it hold up well?

I have found that with many places where I like to dine in that the food is not very good when you take it out. I am hosting a family get together this weekend and didn't want to cook but felt like Marcello's. Has anyone ever had takeout from there before? We would be ordering pizzas, pastas, and salad. Thanks!

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  1. I find myself in the same boat often, Selena.

    However I've never had "take-out" pizza anywhere near as good as they are when eaten immediately right on the premises (unless you live across the street or upstairs from them).

    I think the salad you might be better off making your own. It takes but a few mins to put together slices of romas, bocconcini and topped with fresh basil and olive oil. Will save you $$ from ordering.

    Is there a good pizza/pasta place v. close to where you live ?

    I've ordered take-out for a dinner for 6 adults (good eaters too) from a small "HITW" (CH BC's new acronym ?) on Kingsway & Tyne called Roman Ristorante. They're good with volume yet not dumbed down like Anton's in terms of quality:

    Good luck.

    1. I've had very good luck with takeout (only pizza) from Marcello's, but I have to admit that I live less than a block away so that's not too much travelling time! However, even on those occasions when our pizzas have been ready for a while before we got there, they were still quite good. Because their pizzas have a *very* thin crust they heat up again well in the oven, just in case they're a bit cold when they get to you. Good luck!

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        It's always the time the pizza sits inside the box (softened by its own heat & steam) that worries me !

      2. Thanks. Good idea to make salad on my own-I was just being lazy:). I will try it and see how it goes with my oven preheated for the pizzas and then I'll report back.

        1. I order take-out from there frequently. Pizzas hold up fairly well -- sometimes need a little bit in the oven, depending how hot you like your pizza. Salads are fine. Pastas -- I've done the gnocchi with meat sauce and the spaghetti & clams and both are consisntently delicious.

          And now I'm craving it...

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            Just wanted to report that the takeout was delicious. We reheated the pizza no problems. And the the spaghetti's held up well too. So much better than delivery... if only we could make the drive more often!