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Sep 27, 2011 11:25 AM

pressure cooker: replace the teflon pot w/ Stainless S


goal is to replace the teflon pot inside the electric pressure cooker (ie
)but haven't been able to find a handleless stainless steel pot/bowl that is a cylinder shape. everything is rounded mixing bowl type. anyone know where to find?

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  1. Seems this is the only one with a stainless steel liner. Can you take yours back?

    1. thanks i should add that i specifically want to find just a replacement stainless pot. i prefer to buy the cookers available at the dept. store due to easier returns and cheaper price. the fagor at macy's can come down to 60 bucks with discounts.

      1. Why not simply line your teflon pot with aluminum foil?

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          OH, OH, OH!!! I'll bet Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners would work, too.

        2. thanks I did not know about those bags. ill check if the nylon can stand pressure cooker temps.

          after some searching i found some "canisters" that came close, but they wouldn't fit.

          1. I know this an old post but I had the same question and found Bain Marie pots which are ideal for this application. Amazon has them in lots of sizes.