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Sep 27, 2011 09:11 AM

Best Frozen Yogurt in the Triangle?

With the proliferation of these places here and everywhere, who has the best frozen yogurt in the Triangle? I've only tried Tutti Frutti, Local Yogurt (both fine) and a place in Cary called Marmalade Skies (bad). Thoughts?

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  1. Funny you mention this. I hadn't seen oneo f these places until I went to Alabama last year and was taken to Yogurt Mountain. Then when I returned the Chapel Hill/Durham area a place called Orange Leaf (now yopop) appeared and then the rest just popped up like some bad (or good) epidemic. I have not been to yopop in a while, but out of the ones I've tried in Chapel Hill/Durham.. I like Tutti Frutti the best (for self serve). The only thing that LoYo has going for it is that it is local. Near Southpoint there is an establishment called Sweet Frog which is a christian establishment and the whole religion in your face bit was a turn off for me. It has no business being in that type of environment.

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      I'm a big fan of YoPop (formerly Orange Leaf). They have interesting flavors (pomegranate, red velvet cake, etc.) which they change on a semi-regular basis. They also have some great toppings - lots of fresh fruit. I've seen raspberries, mango, blueberries, kiwi. Lulu and I go often enough that we got a free frequent buyer card which gives us 10% off on each visit.

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        Wow, thanks for the warning about Sweet Frog. I've been to Tutti Frutti, which my kids love. I saw an article somewhere saying that TCBY is going to that same self-serve business model. Those seem to be popping up everywhere. I think they all probably make their product with a packaged mix, and I doubt the quality of the ingredients is all that terrific. Local Yogurt tastes great, but I think it's ridiculously overpriced. I requested blueberries as a topping on my small yogurt there, and paid $1 extra for 5 blueberries.

        For a something cool, refreshing, and a little different, I like Chill Bubble Tea on Franklin St. Haven't been in awhile, but it's a nice warm-weather treat. It's tough to be in a bad mood when you're sipping bubble tea.

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          Chill Bubble Tea on Franklin Street is closed. I was sad, but not surprised.

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            Yeah I'm surprised it closed. Must have been recent. Locopops is still a treat. The only reason(s) that I like these self serve places over say TCBY is that they have more flavors and are almost everywhere. I like them over Yogurt Pump on Franklin because you don't need to have cash on hand.

            They do make them from a mix as you will often see people carrying the giant plastic bag they come in.

        2. This may not be in the same category as their frozen yogurt is not the sort of by the pound approach of some of these operations but my favorite place for frozen yogurt around Raleigh is the plain frozen yogurt at Fresh on Glenwood out by the Peddler (and Fresh at Five Points next to Lilly's Pizza). It's got a great natural real yogurt tartness to it. So good I usually don't add any toppings and usually choose that over the Maple View Farms ice cream they offer.

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            Yes! I was going to say this. Fresh (at Five Points) usually carries just three flavors of yogurt (upon which you can have various toppings). My favorite is the Natural (is that what it's called?) - it's tart and tangy --- sort of like what frozen yogurt used to taste like. (SometimesI like it with blueberries on top. One of my daughters likes it with Butterfingers sprinkled on.)

            And - of course, there is all that delicious local ice cream! They are truly a local, neighborhood shop. Oh - and I've been informed that they now carry Orangina!

          2. Sweet frog is by far my favorite in the area. It is creamy and there are lots of flavor and topping options. They are friendly and clean too. As far as the religious comment- who cares! It is not in your face. I'm Jewish and I go there all the time. I also like tutti frutti as they have so many flavors but they are a bit icier. Tcby is opening a self-serve option on 54 in 2012. Yopop is good too but more icy.

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              I heard that about TCBY. I wonder if they are just going to remodel the one that is in Homestead market. Tried Moonberries the otherday (Next to momofuku) and really liked their Pumpkin Latte flavor.

              1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                Tcby is expanding into the next door space in Homestead. I have gone to Moon berries twice in the last two days. It is also great. Clean, lots of selection, creamy- and they have a loyalty card too. Pumpkin spice tastes like pumpkin pie. Didn't try the latte. Their vanilla tastes like ice cream!

            2. I'll throw in a vote for Skinny Dip in Raleigh. Tasty frozen yogurts with plenty of toppings all done self serve, which means I can get my perfect amount (about half the size of a small at most ice cream and yogurt joints).