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Sep 27, 2011 09:04 AM

Can there be a more magnificent burger than the one found at Dogfish Cafe

What an amazing treat and wonderful surprise. I just happened to meet my husband there for lunch the other day and feeling like a bad girl, ordered there house cheeseburger. Wow, it was so yummy. The beef comes from a local farm (I think) and it was cooked to perfection. I don't believe I've had hamburger meat taste so, well, tasty. The sauce was awesome, the bun was perfect and it was just yummy. I've had cheeseburgers at a few other places around Portland, the Great Lost Bear to name just one (unimpressed...with all their food, actually). Is there a better cheeseburger to be had?

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    1. re: sciencediet

      I see that they use Caldwell Farms beef, that's a good sign.

      I had a pretty spectacular grass-fed, Caldwell Farms burger at Lily Bistro in Rockland on Friday night.

      Not the 1st one I might add.

      I should also note that they (Lily) have something called the "Poutine Burger", per their menu:

      Caldwell Farms Beef, soft roll, farmers greens topped with garlic fries and mushroom gravy

      *we claim no responsibility for what this does to your cholesterol.

      I haven't had it, but I am glad that I live in a world where it exists.

      Lily Bistro
      421 Main St, Rockland, ME 04841

      1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

        I assume he ate at the St.John Street location, and he is right--the burger is very good, but I don't think its better then Silly's, and Silly's fries are to die for.

        1. re: irwin

          Yes, this was the one on St John. I have not had the burger at Sillys. That will be my next burger stop!

          1. re: nyawira

            Why the St John St assumption? We go to the Free St location specifically for the burger (ok, in summer the deck too) and it is excellent. The Silly's burger was good too (and the fried pickles) but didn't stand out the same as the Dogfish one. Caldwell Farms beef at both Dogfish locations, btw.

            1. re: Noreaster

              It wasn't an assumption-that is the location where I had the burger! I thought the other poster was asking me which location. By the way "nyawira" is a girl not a guy.

              1. re: Noreaster

                I don't think anyone improperly assumed anything. The name of the establishment on St. John Street is the Dogfish Cafe. The name of the establishment on Free St. is the Dogfish Bar and Grille. They have the same owners but it seems unlikely that someone would go out of their way to refer to one location by its specific name if they were referring to the other.

                1. re: chubbywerewolf

                  Love your blog! Just went there for first time....l

          2. re: MidCoastMaineiac

            Poutine burger...maybe if I eat only lettuce for a couple of days before and afterward.

            1. re: Mainegal

              When my bus stopped at the Greyhound Station I saw The Dogfish Cafe. Since the stop was only for five minutes needles to say I couldn't go in. It look kind of cool, (I don't want to talk about the bus station.)