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Home cook looking for micro greens in Bothell area

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I'm looking for small batches of micro greens for garnishing plates at my home in the Bothell area. I've checked online and most suppliers only sell wholesale and in bulk.

I wouldn't mind traveling to Seattle for them if need be.

Any ideas?

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  1. Have you checked out the Central Markets in Shoreline or Mill Creek?

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    1. re: acgold7

      Great question. I have looked previously with no luck, but plan to call their produce dept and ask....

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        I called Central Market, and they've been unsuccessful in finding a cost-effective supplier. Micro Greens are not commonly grown and don't ship well. But - I called Whole Foods and they carry them! They have a decent selection and can order particular varieties by request. Price point is around $5 for a container. This is GREAT news.

      2. I've seen them at Trader Joe's periodically.

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        1. re: Brunhilde

          Well, what do you know; Trader Joes has them too. They're a general micro green, but for $2.50, what a deal!!

        2. I think you can find watercress year-round in the river in Bothell that feeds Lake Washington. Scout around, I bet you can find a place where you can get it without bothering anybody.
          You'll eat better greens than any you can buy in the stores, and probably get them more easily!

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            Keep in mind that the watercress found in the river would not be considered a microgreen. This would be full-sized watercress. Micro Watercress is a very young seedling about 1/2 to 1" in length with tiny 1/4" sized leaves.

            1. re: FreshOrigins

              OOPS! Sorry. I have no idea what microgreens actually are, other than pond scum (which I suppose counts)
              I mistrust those chopped-up bits in boxes and bags in the grocery stores, and thought those kinds of things were what was wanted. I guess I like my greens to be more of the plant.
              Is Micro-greens a new word for Sprouts? It sounds like it from your description, and so I'm wondering: sprouts are easy to get from various seeds lying around the house. Alfalfa, lettuce, millet from bird seed (i have a lot of that) niger thistle.
              There are a whole lot of greens that you can sprout from seeds that you wouldn't eat the seeds themselves, nor their full-grown plants. (The above-mentioned thistles being one)

          2. I know you're asking about buying, but if you ever want to grow microgreens at home, they're not hard to do, and fun. Sproutpeople.org has great info and seeds. :)