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Sep 27, 2011 08:16 AM

Dinner in comox / courtney ?

Hi there,
My wife and I will be taking her parents out to dinner for their anniversary on the long weekend. We are from Vancouver ( I being a foodie) so am not too familiar with restaurants in the Comox / Courtney area. The in laws a from there, but don't dine out very much at all. Does anyone have any rec's for a special dinner out in this area? No specific style of food, as long as its good food and a nice atmosphere. (maybe a farm to table type place??)
We have tried the Atlas cafe so maybe something different.
thanks :)

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  1. My wife and I had one of the more memorable meals in Courtenay last year at locals .
    I raved about it so much that many of our friends also dined there. All said that it was worth the drive from Nanaimo.
    The location is a bit weird as it is in the corner of a strip mall but once inside you can soon forget what the outside looks like. As the name suggests they try and source all their food locally. The night we were there I had a pork dish and literally wiped the plate clean as the reduction sauce was like manna from heaven. The chai creme brulee was so good we jokingly asked if they sold it by the gallon to go!

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      Totally agree with "Locals". We haven't been there, but many recommended it. I have been to, and do also like "The Atlas Cafe" as you have tried. We often stay at Crown Isle and the last time there we ate outside (ok, that'll be cold on the long weekend!) at their pub and you know, it was pretty nice! Not fancy nice, nor stupid expensive nice like their overpriced restaurant, but nice, good value pub style food nice. We had 2 teenagers with us, and all 4 of us thought it was good. Nothing like walking back to your room after dinner and a pint.

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        Definitely go to Locals. Not a fancy atmosphere and the food is awesome!
        They also list all the local producers that supply them on the back of the menu.
        Other than locals it's pretty slim pickins for foodie fare in courtenay/comox.