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Sep 27, 2011 07:13 AM

Help - How to make Septime reservations

I'm visiting Paris this Fri Sept 30 - Oct 4 and would like to make a lunch reservation at Septime if not too late - I called 01 43 67 38 29 and couldn't make out the French. It was asking me to call back, I heard that, but can anyone tell me when to call? Many thanks!

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  1. The surest time to call is about half an hour before meal service.
    Septîme reservations should be made about 3 weeks in advance, which makes it quite late. But always try, in case of laste-mnute cancellations.

    1. Made two reservations in person this AM, walked over. Plenty openings this Thursday and Friday for lunch. Your phone number is correct. l called this morning to change mine, no trouble getting through. Called at 11:30 AM, East US time of 5:30 AM. They do take a break after lunch service so call 5 PM France time, or 11 AM east coast as Parigi said. They speak English and are very helpful and friendly.

      1. I called around 5 as DCM is suggesting for a res about three weeks out and got a later seating. Staff is ridiculously friendly and forgiving of my second grade level French. You'll love the place.

        1. Thanks very much to both of you! The message on their answering machine asks you to call at a specific time, but I wasn't sure I understood - it sounded to me like "dix heures a treize heures" so I will try calling tomorrow morning - I just called now and it's 5pm there. I also emailed them. I'm only calling from London so won't have to wake up ridiculously early. Thanks again!

          1. Thanks again to you all. I got through and made reservations just now (it's 11am there) for lunch Tues, Oct 4, at 12:30. If any chowhounders would like to join, you are welcome. I sometimes go to London chowdowns (I'm a transplanted New Yorker) and it's great to try everything on the menu. Can't wait!

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                Might be able to, what name is res under?