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Sep 27, 2011 06:52 AM

Orchard with Activities

Hi guys - I'm looking for an apple-picking place that has some fun fall activities for kids but also something like farmers market, wine-tasting or bakery (apple cider donuts!) for adults? Tall order, I know.... looking for a place in RI, CT or MASS. I have Clyde's Cider Mill in Mystic near me, but I'm up for a road trip. Thanks!

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  1. Hi there! In my neck of the woods (central CT), you'll find Lyman Orchards in Middlefield. You can pick, they also have the Apple Barrel store (bakery, cider, produce, jams, their famous hi-top apple pies). They've got a corn maze going on as well.

    Not far from Lyman's, you could go wine tasting at Gouveia in Wallingford. Check for more info on the Connecticut Wine Trail. Pack a picnic and enjoy!

    In terms of activities for kids, Lyman's may be your best bet with the maze. But my favorite orchard is Belltown in Glastonbury.

    You can pick and they also have a store with donuts, baked goods and jams. From there, it's a quick trip to Robb's Farm (also G'bury) for some of the best ice cream I know of. Be sure to visit their goats while you're there. Then you could venture to Colchester for wine-tasting at Priam Vineyards. If you pack snacks, you can enjoy them with your wine outside on the patio.

    Have a fun trip, wherever you go!

    Priam Vineyards
    11 Shailor Hill Rd, Colchester, CT

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      We LOVE Lapsley Orchards on scenic rt. 169 in Pomfret. They offer free hay rides, freshly pressed cider, baked goods produce & pumpkins for sale. We drive up from Westerly once or twice a year. Columbus Day weekend is their busiest time, though not as crazy as Clyde's.

    2. In Richmond Massachusetts (Berkshire County) Hilltop Orchards has apple picking, hay rides and a store that sells freshly made cider, cider donuts, maple candy etc... Hilltop Orchards also has a winery and wine tasting at the orchard store as well. Great people and a great time for everyone!!

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        Great recs guys - THANKS!!! (I only reason I threw the wine idea in is because my friend will be bringing her 5-year old daughter with us, and I may need to do a little "wine tasting".... :) )

      2. Bishops orchard in Guilford, CT has a small animal farm, market (with bakery) and wine tastings.