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Georgian Chicken in Pomegranate and Tamarind Sauce Anybody??

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  1. I am planning on making this dish tomorrow. I am a little skeptical since I can't find any user reviews or good pictures of the completed dish. And the recipe on the NYT calls for 20 pieces of chicken. Let me know if you have had any success with this dish.

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      After posting this, I found an archived review of this recipe on Chowhound. User said it was fantastic and tasted better if cooked on low heat for addl. hour. I know, I saw that "20 pieces" and was going to adjust using Kosher bone-in breasts which are quite large. Good luck and let me know how yours turns out :) Also, there's a pic on-line...I can send you the link.

    2. @aims709, welcome to Chowhound!

      In the future, it would be helpful to clue us outsiders into THE ACTUAL RECIPE.

      Fortunately, @MariBuch gave a critical clue so here's one link I found:

      I think I'll cut back the quantiities by three fourths or so.
      Good timing on the post since pomegranates are coming into season.

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        Thanks for posting the link to the NYT recipe. I also found a food blogger that has some nice step-by-step photos of the cooking process.

        The recipe calls for pomegranate paste, is that the same as pomegranate molasses/ syrup that is sold in the bottle?

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          Just looked at the blog post with step by step. 2 cups of cilantro? Yeeks that's alot!
          A good amount of garlic as well.. I would have sweated the onions and garlic and pan browned the chicken before mixing in the rest of the items and the simmer.

          Really looks like a missed step. Intriguing. I wonder, what in all that the 2TB of ketchup do?

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          Sorry if I insulted you, but this was my first post and I wasn't sure of protocol

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            You didn't do anything wrong. Thanks for joining the discussion.

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              No insult received, no formal protocols between Chowhounds needed.
              However, we aren't consistently good at mind reading :-).

              And 'fat finger' posts seem to be happening more often, possibly from folks on keyboard deficient devices ...
              Fortunately (in case you didn't discover) previous posts can be edited by the originator for two hours or so.

          2. Just looked up this recipe--20 pieces of chicken serves 4-6? I mean, if serving 4, that's 5 pieces of chicken per person. I'd probably start laying eggs after eating all that chicken!

            But it certainly does sound good!

            1. So glad to see this topic. I just made this dish and it's resting in the fridge before I serve it tomorrow. I used 8 legs and 8 thighs because that was what was in the package I bought. Also I couldn't find pomegranate paste so I used pomegranate molasses and reduced the sauce down a bit. I'll let you know what people think after tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.

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                I served it last night as well and wasn't thrilled with it. The sauce was a bit sour I had had the thought that I should have added some honey to make it more like a gastrique, but I didn't do it. IF I make it again, I would sweeten the sauce and I would also not remove the skin, but brown the chicken before I finished it in the tamarind/pomegranate sauce.

              2. Thanks much for the kind words...nice to see wonderful people like you on the board! Best of luck tomorrow night. I'm going to give the recipe a try as well for Thursday. Happy New Year!

                1. I made this dish yesterday and served it last night. It did not go well. I had to cook the sauce (with the chicken) for almost an extra hour. And after resting and reheating the raw onion taste was very prevalent.

                  I would recommend sauteing the onions down for awhile before putting in the chicken. The combination of tamarind, pomegranate and raw onion created a bitter taste that I tried to combat with a bit of honey and agave nectar. The sweetness helped, but I still couldn't get around the raw onion taste. I will not use this recipe again. In the future I might braise the chicken with the pomegranate, omit several of the onions, and then strain the pomegranate sauce and reduce it to a glaze.

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                    Wow, am so sorry to hear this-what a shame, and on a holiday yet. Sounds like you did a super job remedying the situation. Am just about to start chicken for tomorrow night's dinner. Will let you know how it goes. I have to make the recipe after going to four stores for tamarind paste!

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                      Bummer on the sauce. Sounds like browning the onions first is mandatory.
                      The last fesenjan recipe I made with pomegranate *juice* I did that and also reduced the juice by 2/3 before adding the browned chicken parts.

                      I'd go easy on the tamarind paste - it is very concentrated and in quantity makes any dish a delightful brown color ...

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                        ok, so I made this for dinner last night, and it was good, however don't think I'll make it again. Sauteed onions first (per your suggestion), then garlic, followed by spices. Only used 1 diluted T. Tamarind paste (plenty) for 7 large chicken breasts. We all enjoyed it, but boy I'm still tasting those onions.