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Sep 27, 2011 06:28 AM

Ideal cheese s'mores pairings

As a vegetarian I don't participate around a campfire with traditional marshmallow s'mores but it can be fun to roast something over the fire so i make cheese s'mores instead. This means just roasting a hunk of cheese until browned/warm/squishy instead of a marshmallow and putting it between some gourmet crackers.

I would love to hear some good combinations for an upcoming event I am hosting. I had fresh mozzarella balls between rosemary crackers on my last go and it was to die for.

Only rule with the cheese is that it has to be able to go on a stick (the metal pronged kind, not a wooden twig stick) so unfortunately things like soft goat cheese don't work.

If you have a filling that would be good with your combo like sun dried tomato spread for example let me know too.

I can't wait to see what others come up with!


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  1. Pardon me if my question is stupid, but how are traditional s'mores not vegetarian? I've never once laced a s'more with ragu or braised short ribs. I'm honestly curious.

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    1. re: agoodbite

      Most marshmallow is made with gelatin made from animal sources.

      1. re: Tripeler

        Are we talking vegetarian or vegan? The milk chocolate doesn't come from the teets of a coconut cow. Does the cheese you'd like to substitute come from the same, non-existent coconut cow? I'm looking for a distinction.

        1. re: agoodbite

          It's not the milk chocolate at issue. It's the marshmallows. Most marshmallows contain gelatin made from animal hooves and skin.

          1. re: fisher

            I also believe most cheese contains rennet, scraped out of a dried cow's stomach. I know there is such a thing as vegetable rennet, but it's not really possible to know who's using what, unless you're making your own cheese.

    2. I wonder if raclette would work. It's traditionally roasted on a brazier.

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      1. re: sablemerle

        This is what I thought of, too. Could be sandwiched in baguette slices, crostini, or maybe even some sort of homemade thick-cut potato chips.

        I think the cheese s'mores idea is grand!

      2. How about haloumi? If it holds up to grilling, it should hold up to s'more-ing. Plus, it's delicious.

        1. Allice, how about some nice cheddar, browned and placed between two round tortilla chips with a smidgen of salsa verde?

          Or some caraway havarti with a little stone ground mustard on rye toasts?

          1. Simple and Fall-like, melt gruyere and serve on baguette or crackers with dates, fig jam, or sliced apples.

            Cheddar with, dare I say it, bacon? sliced apples? Pickles sound good to me, actually. Or peanut butter. I know, but I used to enjoy a good smear of p b on s thick slice of sharp cheddar.

            Manchego with quince paste or figs.

            Asiago with fig jam.

            I'm not thinking of any more cheeses that would hold up over the fire, I guess most of my favorites are too soft, I'm sure others will have loads of suggestions.

            Love your idea, Allice98!

            eta I love to bake feta in herb-infused honey. If the feta would hold up it ought to taste great with honey drizzled over it on a baguette or cracker.