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Sep 27, 2011 04:50 AM

atlanta penzeys

Has anyone been to the Penzeys in Sandy Springs GA yet? Good or bad???

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  1. My friend who is a respected foodie said it was fabulous. I'm on a budget and afraid to enter!

    1. are you familiar with the catalogue or website? If not, Penzey's sells a variety of individual spices and spice blends, including many salt free blends, salad dressing mixes, soup bases. If you buy in larger quantities, the cost per oz drops significantly, which is great for spices I use frequently, like dehydrated onion and smoked paprika, or you can split the quantity (and price) with a friend.

      1. I loved it! It is a huge space for the amount f product they have, but generally it's fantastic. They have open containers of everything, so you can smell before you buy. And recipe cards too.
        A note on cost - if you buy in plastic containers or bags, it's much more reasonable than buying the glass jars.

        1. If you go to their website

          & sign on to get their paper catalogs, you might enjoy the coupons on the front cover of each one.

          A decade+ ago we lived 20 minutes from a Penzeys... after moving we began to mail-order twice a year, or when we traveled we'd find a nearby store. Every one we've been to has been first class all the way: great selection, great prices, & best of all great fresh spices & herbs.


          1. Thank you for the heads up about Atlanta's Penzeys. I had been going many miles out of the way to the one in Birmingham.

            My spring Penzey's buy happened to be in Los Angeles and it was as delightful as the ones in the DC area, near Hartford CT and the Bammer one.

            I do have an alternative to buying their glass jars: the glass bottles that Starbucks coffees come in are a good substitute for the large Penzey's glass jars.