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Sep 27, 2011 04:22 AM

Cup a soup.

A large, steaming mug of soup is an instant to carry some in my flask and a have mug when things go crazy at work. I am looking for recipes of smooth soups that can be sipped from a mug with nothing chunky in it. I often make the split pea, sometimes with pesto or mozzarella in it. There is also tomato soup. I But, what do you do to take it to the next level? Want to share, please?

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  1. Three old favorite smooth soups I love and are easy to make: leek and potato, cream of mushroom, and tomato basil. This weekend I'll make corn chowder with the last-of-the-season corn, but while I only purée partially (and add shrimp), I'm sure it would still taste wonderful if puréed thoroughly.

    1. curried parsnip (very warming!), or watercress (also good chilled)

      1. Curried broccoli soup. Yum. I prefer non-creamy, though. Lentil, miso, sausage and white bean, and more.

        1. Roasted root vegetables, pureed and then thinned w/ either vegetable or chicken stock (home made preferable). Dollop of creme fraiche or some cream.

          1. ive had good cream cauliflower soup..

            tomato, tho is my favorite "drinking on the go soup"

            my wife likes cream of broccoli...

            cheese soup...
            carrot soup..
            borscht even...

            i would think any root veggie could be pureed in a blender...potato,sweet potato,parsnips..onion...

            and while not hot...u could even do fruit "soups"..strawberry or watermelon come to mind...

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              > pureed in a blender

              ...or get a stick (wand) blender that you can just place in the pot. The best gumbo I ever had was a smooth soup.