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Sep 27, 2011 02:49 AM

Cheese store in Denver?

Am looking for recommendations on fromageries in Denver - thinking ahead (already!) to a New Year's Eve dinner. This is the first time we'll be cooking the meal in Denver, and the cheese plate figures large in the list of attractions.

Please tell me there's more out there than Whole Foods...

(We are coming from Belgium, so artisanal US/CO cheeses would be ideal.)

Thanks in advance --

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  1. You're in luck! There is more than Whole Foods. You could try Marczyks for meats and a good selection of cheeses on 17th, but for cheese The Truffle Cheese Shop is your best bet. Tony's Market also has a decent selection of cheeses.

    Regarding local CO artisanal cheeses, try Fruition Farms or Haystack Mountain. They both recently won awards at a national cheese competition. (or was it International, I'm not positive)

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      There is a gorgeous new cheese shop in Boulder on Pearl called Cured that is worth the trip (and their focus is on American artisanal cheeses).

    2. Coming from Europe, I have 2 recommendations of stores in Denver that cut to order, rather than pre-wrap. The Truffle in Cherry Creek neighborhood, and St, Kilian's Cheese Shop in the Highlands (32nd and Lowell).

      But Cured in Boulder is definitely your best bet in the American artisanal category- they have lots of cool small cheesemakers represented, and of course you can sample everything. They also have an extensive charcuterie selection.

      1. Just adding a third recommendation of Cured. Their selection isn't as big as WF, but it's really carefully curated - there aren't any duds (that I've found, anyway). Plus the owners are great, and you'll find lots of great additional items for a cheese plate (try the truffle honey drizzled over a salty aged cheese... mmmmmm...).

        1. A few miles north of Denver, and east of Boulder is Longmont, CO. There is a cheese importer warehouse in Longmont that it wonderful. It's been there for many years. They will loan you a jacket to go into the refrigerated warehouse section and explore all the cheeses. There are many samples for tasting, especially on the weekends. They also have a small gourmet shop and deli which are quite nice.

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            They are fabulous. I've never been, but communicated with them for a project a while back and they gave me great information. The best cheese counter here in town orders their cheese from Cheese Importers.

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              what "cheese counter in town" are you referring to? always looking to discover what people think is "the best"!

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                      In a thread about cheese shops in *Denver*, I don't think many would have thought to google "wyoming". :-D

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                        My original point was that our local cheese counter (see my name) gets their cheese from Cheese Importers in Colorado. That's what I was reinforcing. Not coming to Wyoming from Colorado to get your cheese, but having experience with one of the cheese stores in the Denver area via my local store.

          2. Hallelujah! Thanks, all!