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Sep 27, 2011 02:40 AM

Coffee in KL?

Recently moved from US. Figured proximity to Indonesia would guarantee good coffee availability. All I've seen is Coffee Bean and Starbucks.
Where can we find good beans? Preferably not in Ampang area (traffic makes me want to shoot myself).

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  1. The best I'd had ever since I moved to KL at the beginning of this year was from Plan B in Bangsar Village. They actually sourced their coffee beans from Prahran Market in Melbourne.

    Antipodean (a New Zealand-owned bistro) nearby also served great coffee, but I didn't check if they also sell coffee beans though.

    1. Wondering if you've tried Malaysian coffee (kopi) or Ipoh coffee in their various permutations in a kopitiam? I imagine those shops are all over the place...

      1. Thanks. Will try the Bangsar place. Yes, enjoy Kopi and have some ground for home. But need some beans for the morning pot.

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          So what you are really looking for is WESTERN style coffee, US-style coffee. [Just saying you are looking for coffee in KL doesn't convey that. ;-) ] BTW folks in KL (and Malaysia) enjoy kopi for their morning cuppa (and anytime after that too) IIRC. :-)