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Sep 26, 2011 08:01 PM

Lobster Newburg

A friend of mine has just emailed me after his return from Boston saying that he had great time there and very much enjoyed having Lobster Newburg at a restaurant called Pier Four.

Lobster Newburg is a dish I haven't had in years. So is it available here in Toronto - or one its variants like Lobster Thermidor? Or are all those type of dishes regarded now as dreadfully old-fashioned?

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  1. The Lobster Trap has both dishes, cooked from live http://www.lobstertraptoronto.com/men...

    Lobster Trap
    1962 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M4A1, CA

    1. Ici Bistro has Lobster Thermidor on its current menu.

      I also recall Scaramouche having the Newburg (I think - could have been Thermidor) during their annual Lobster menu which has been around Feb/March the last 2 years

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        I was at Ici last night. We ordered just about everything on the menu but I skipped the thermidor (five of us were sharing so not everything got everywhere and I'm flying Thai next week where it's one of their dinner options :D). Ici's version, as delicious as it looked, was a bit of a departure from the traditional. Sort of a deconstructed version with the tail served cold with crab cakes and an espellete aioli alongside lobster and bechamel croquettes.