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Sep 26, 2011 07:53 PM

A cake that will get you drunk

My brother is turning 21, and I am hoping to make him an alcohol based cake. We have done this plenty of times, but since it's his big night I was wondering if anyone has ever found a recipe (preferably one that tastes good too!) that would be enough for him to feel a little tipsy :). The kicker: we are both gluten intolerant. So I can make changes as to gluten free flours which I have enough experience with, but no wheat/barely based alcohols please.

p.s. I am well aware that alcohol cooks off, A fridge/freezer cake is fine too. Or really any dessert. But cake is preferable.

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  1. DAVID LEBOWITZ'S website has an absinthe cake. Absinthe is in the cake and also drizzled over. It's also got crushed almonds, anise seeds and orange peel. It was delicious and a recipe that I will make again.

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      Annnnnndddd that is exactly what I was looking for. I still am gonna wait too see what else is out there, but I can promise you I will be making that in the near future if not for my brothers birthday. Thanks for the link!

    2. I have a friend that makes "rum cake" by adding a LOAD of rum to a box mix, then adding it to the frosting as well - it is seriously boozy. If you want to avoid it cooking off, though, what about an icebox cake, tiramisu, trifle or summer pudding type dessert with lots of booze in the custard/cream? Or a tres leches cake with a high-proof booze instead of one of the milks?

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        Here's a chocolate tres leches, well, dos leches cake, with rum, recipe from My Sweet Mexico:

        One poster commented that she used Flor de CaƱa in the amount given in the recipe and got a buzz...

        If the OP decides to use this recipe, please read this review first, as it has a few notable tips:

      2. I think the amount of booze needed to get you tipsy with a stomach full of fats and carbohydrates would probably be a bit too strong for most tastes.

        1. I'm not an expert on gluten free so you'd have to figure this one out, but baba au rhum is actually a yeast bread that you soak with a boatload of sweetened rum syrup (made with 2/3 cup of rum). It turns out both light and liquory.

          1. Bourbon balls will get you tipsy, and you could make a sort of cake out of them I'm sure. Make a bourbon infused whipped cream for topping. But you'd have to figure out what to use instead of Nilla wafers.