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Sep 26, 2011 06:56 PM

Who is planning to attend Picnic at the Brickworks 2011?


Here is the thread post-2010 picnic, which includes some links to photos.

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  1. I would have loved to have gone but it always seems to be the day after Nuit Blanche and I probably won't be awake by the time it ends :)

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    1. re: ylsf

      Even on a non Nuit Blanche weekend I find the hours challenging.

      1. re: TorontoJo

        I wish event organizers would check on what else is happening in town when they pick dates. This is not the first year the picnic is the day after nuit blanche. Really frustrating for those of us who want to do both.

        1. re: phisherking

          Makes sense to me that the Picnic at Brickworks would take place at harvest time, considering the mission of Evergreen Canada, and considering the mostly locally sourced and mostly slow food served at the Picnic. Before Thanksgiving, before the freeze (since the event takes place outdoors), before Halloween (where kids' activities might trump their parents' fundraisers), and not too close to Eat to the Beat.

          Nuit Blanche, Food Truck Eats and Culture Days don't need to take place during harvest.

          1. re: prima

            Niut Blanche needs to happen before the weather changes. I think that's the main reason to have that one early.

            For me the bigger issue is the afternoon timing and the fact that children are allowed to attend. I don't want to spend that much money and then only be there for an hour next to someone's kid.

      2. price plus time plus proximity to TUM plus proximity to Nuit Blanche and its food trucks = nope

        1. I wonder how many will be taking their kids at $60 each for kids 3 years and older. Maybe they should have said "must be 18+ to attend"

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          1. re: foodyDudey

            or 19 plus since there were samples of booze. A fair number of attendees brought their adorable, but less-than-well behaved children last year.

            I think the babes-in-arms rule is a nice, charitable solution to the traffic problem created by last year's strollers.

            I figure $60 is 2, maybe 3 hours of a Rosedale/Leaside/Forest Hill babysitter's time. Some people might splurge on their kids. Some people will hire a baby sitter to serve their kids Alphagetti while they hit the Brickworks.

          2. I'll be there! It's one of my favourite food events in the city. I'll be hitting Food TrucK Eats early on Saturday to ensure I have room for all the Brickworks goodness.


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            1. re: wontonfm

              By early, do you mean 8pm? :) That should give you enough time to digest I guess!

              1. re: ylsf

                Or even 7PM as part of the fundraising aspect :)