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Sep 26, 2011 06:52 PM

Yuengling anywhere?

I'm working in Alabama and found Yuengling beer, again. But I will be home this weekend and as far as I can tell it is not sold west of Alabama. Anyone know where I can find it? Maybe Central Market?

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  1. As a Philly native, it breaks my heart, but no - you can't get Yuengling anywhere here due to distribution regulations.

    1. It is not available anywhere in Texas unless by illegal means (someone ships it to you). You can pack up to 50 lbs for $25 for a check bag on American Airlines. I brought home a bag full of The Bruery, Hitachino, Lost Abbey and a few Belgians from California.

      Are you after Yuengling for the nostalgia aspect? There are some better beers out there that are available locally.

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        Not nostalgia....I travel for work frequently and had several times on the East Coast. I am going back home tomorrow and probably won't be back. I got a new job that will keep me in Dallas. I may have to put a few in my suitcase :-) !

        I was hoping to be able to buy it when I got back. I'm not sure what it is that I like about. I guess its a complex taste without a bitter hoppy taste. Any suggestions for beer?

        1. re: scjohann

          Nothing can replace quality/price value of an ice cold Yuengling. However, in the absence of perfection, Fireman's 4 is pretty good. It's no National Bohemian... but what can you do?

          1. re: scjohann

            Give me what you like in a beer....not cold and less hoppy that doesn't help much.

            Do you like some floral hops flavors without the bitterness? Do you like stronger alcohol flavors (i.e like it a bit warm on the throat)? Do you like a roasted malt flavor? Do you like dark beers without the heaviness? Do you like sour beers? Do you pair your beers with food or cheese?

            As you can see it can be just as complex as wine!

            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

              Sorry to be a douchebag,
              But I have tried over a thousand beers. My two favorites are Belhaven Scottish Ale, and Yeungling Traditional Amber Lager. There are not any beers with such delicate taste, and as high quality Ethanol.These beers provide the best of both, and when Yeungling comes unpasturized as it does in a keg on draft. Being a wine and liqour connoisseur myself, I can't find many drinks that compare to a Yeungling.

              Sorry Scjohann I can't find it anywhere here.

              Although I believe it is legal for beer to be shipped in Texas(Liqour is not).


              This site has it, I would recommend just ordering it online.

              1. re: YeunglingAmberLager

                Shopper's Vineyard being a retailer, will NOT ship to Texas.

                The best thing you can do is contact the brewery itself and ask if they have a distributor in Texas and, who that distributor is. My best bet would be Ben E. Keith.

                Then, find out from the distributor who sells Yeungling in Texas and you'll be able to buy it from that Texas retailer.

                Have you looked for it at Spec's?

                1. re: twinwillow

                  Specs won't have it. No one has it because it is illegal to sell Yuengling in Texas due to distribution laws. The brewery does not have a distributer here. Ask any bar owner who has looked into it and they will tell you that if caught, they'd be looking at steep fines.

                  1. re: sass

                    Yes after further researching, Yeungling doesn't have the brewing capacity to handle our market. The company won't outsource their brewery, and east coast states like the one I am from already give them all of the business they need.

                    It would not be entirely illegal to bring Yeungling to Texas. A wholesale vender with licensing in the state of Texas and an importers license could purchase from a 3rd party wholesale distributing company in another state who has a license to sell wholesale as well in Texas. The main problems being that these licenses cost 1 K each for a plethera of licenses both parties needed to make this happen. Also a 10 K bond is required for the trucks too (which all must have upto 500,000$ in liability insurance).

                    We should lobby Jerry Jones to do all of this for us and still make it a reasonably affordable beer

                    1. re: YeunglingAmberLager

                      Yeah, Jerry Jones and Troy Aikman! Yeungling Lager would be perfect to wash down all those Dunkin' Donuts they'll be making soon.

                2. re: YeunglingAmberLager

                  Aren’t we starting to get into the premise for Smokey and Bandit?

          2. Ok,so if you are willing to ship it, buy a few cases and send it UPS Ground.......just sayin'

            1. One of the best things about leaving Texas is going some place that sells Yuengling and bringing back a few cases. As much as I enjoy it, I think I enjoy it more when I can instead of whenever I want it.