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Sep 26, 2011 06:45 PM

Best Breakfast in Palm Springs

Researching the best breakfast in Palm Springs.
Top of my list:

♥ Debby Alexander's Peabody's Cafe
♥ Mindy Reed's Zini Cafe Mediterrano
♥ Michael Donlagic's Cafe Jasmine of Palm Springs

Should these be on the list? What other spots are a don't miss?


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  1. Top of my list:
    King's Highway (at Ace Hotel)

    I'd recommend Rick's over Peabody's for a traditional hearty breakfast..
    I've have enjoyed lunch and dinner at Zini's many times but haven't tried their breakfast. The menu looks good though.

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    1. re: JonU

      Thanks JonU. This should be a fun story angle for me to review! Anything special you recommend ordering at Cheeky's or King's Hwy?

      1. re: alexa52

        Cheeky's menu changes weekly although the great custard cheesy scrambled eggs may be a constant.
        Love the ricotta pancakes at King's Hwy.

        1. re: JonU

          Their breakfasts are interesting (like crab cakes eggs "Benedict"). Great ambiance and service. You can get discount coupons at their website. An overlooked placed for breakfast until 11 am.

          Mimi's Cafe, Indio/PalmDesert

    2. I heard Lulu's just opened. Wondering how their breakfast stands up? Heard they are quite busy for all meals at the moment. Is it because they are new? Or is the food that good?

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      1. re: ChicagoJoe

        OMG Just look at the website ( ) Remember this is a restaurant-starved town, with a huge gay population, visiting Marines, and tons of retirees and snowbirds. Also, remember their other restaurant is very popular as a destination and for the food. Then, of course, the prices are quite reasonable for this usually overpriced town.

        You tell me. This PS location thinks it's the latest, hottest, NYC-type opening.