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Sep 26, 2011 05:42 PM

Galatories Halloween Weekend - What time to arrive to get seated downstairs?

Hi Everyone,

I have searched both this board and the internet and can't find an answer for anything other than Friday Lunch so hoping someone may be able to help. We are a group of 4 planning to eat dinner here on the Thursday before Halloween weekend. From what I understand this can be quite the busy weekend in N.O. so wondering if someone could give me some insight into what time we would likely need to arrive in order to be able to eat downstairs.

Thanks in advance for any insight

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  1. Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday nights are usually pretty easy..just go at about 5:00 or maybe a little later. Of course, if there is a convention in town that can have an effect. But on weekdays a line, if it forms, usually starts around 6:00. The extra room upstairs has eased that some. I doubt you'd have trouble. The crazy stuff won;t be going on that early and of course Halloween itself is Monday so I'd expect Friday and Saturday to be the big party nights.