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Chicken and spice, and everything nice!

The quiet leafy suburb of Sharon boasts a unique diversity which translates into a variety of food options in the town. Sichuan Gourmet is probably the third Chinese restaurant that opened in the same spot in the last four years - and it looks like this one is here to stay!

Sichuan Gourmet at Sharon ( http://www.laosichuan.com/ ) opened almost a year ago. From day one it has maintained a high standard of service and food and continues to draw a large number of Asian and American customers. The parking is free and easily available, prices very reasonable, and variety of menu keeps bringing one back to try more. The interior offers booths as well as tables, and is very family (children) friendly. It is also very clean, and wait staff is efficient and attentive.

I have been there many times and the spicy options are a big attraction for me, the meats are tender and juicy, the soups hot and filling and the service outstanding. The experience actually begins the moment one enters the restaurant and is greeted by friendly, smiling staff. The appetizers are served soon to fill the wait time and are truly spicy-licious! The pot of herbal tea is a perfect companion to the rich meal that follows. The luncheon deals ( Mon -Fri) offer many delicious options and include an appetizer, soup, rice and an entree - and very reasonably priced too. The portions are huge, and better shared!

I would highly recommend it for at least one visit - and then you are sold!

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  1. By herbal tea do you mean... tea?

    1. What dishes did you eat? You didn't mention a single one that wasn't tea!

      1. "and then you are sold"


        1. Have you only been eating in restaurants for the past, oh, let's say, year or so? What dishes exactly did you particularly like? Any non-spicy?

          1. Did you actually eat any of the food?

            1. Which meat dishes did you find to be "tender and juicy"?

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              1. re: barleywino

                I'm guessing the "spicy-licious" ones.

              2. Thank goodness that the soups were hot and filling. It's such a disappointment when they leave you still feeling hungry.

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                1. re: C. Hamster

                  Oh, but the appetizers are served soon to fill the wait time (I always LOVE it when they are truly spicy-licious, too). Not to be confused with the soup, though, which is hot and filling.

                  1. re: threedogs

                    Yes, and I am glad they have booths and "Americans" (read: caucasians) there too.

                    1. re: C. Hamster

                      Ha! I missed that one - maybe because I'm distracted by my location. I think if I lived in a quiet leafy suburb it would help my concentration (although there's lots around here that's tender & juicy).

                  2. re: C. Hamster

                    You guys are cracking me up. Your comments are tender AND juicy.

                    1. re: sablemerle

                      ...but the real question is... are you sold?