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Sep 26, 2011 04:33 PM

New Pizza Joint in Raleigh

Andy's Pizza in Quail Corners at Falls of Neuse and Millbrook is now Christo's. I live across the street and never much cared for Andy's. Christo's took over a couple of months ago, I've had two pizzas there - and it's very good.

New York style with a thin slightly charred crust, good sauce and cheese. It probably won't be the best pizza you've ever eaten, but it's solid. I'd give it an 8 on the Raleigh 10-point pizza scale.

It may not be worthy a long drive, but if you live in the area, it's definitely worth trying. Not much on atmosphere, but it's clean and fresh.

On another pizza note, if you like deep dish Chicago style, try Jet's pizza in N. Raleigh at Strickland and Creedmoor. Take out only, but very good.

Andy's Pizza
1302 E Millbrook Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609

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  1. How would you compare them with Camos Bros. (nee Fuhgedaboutit) on Six Forks?

    1. The Jet's pizza website doesn't look terribly promising. The pictures make it look more like a Detroit pizza (thick, bready dough like a Sicilian pizza) than a Chicago deep-dish (think lasagna with no pasta in a crust vessel).

      1. I mean to say, not promising as a Chicago-style pizza. Detroit pizza can be very good. For instance, my wife from Detroit loves Klaussie's food truck pizza in that style.

        1. I like Camos Bros. I'd give them an edge over Chisto's for their sauce. Christo's the edge for their crust.

          Jet's is probably notreal Chicago pizza, but the sausage one I tried was very good, and different from most area pies.

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          1. re: Fu Dee

            FYI, I noticed this morning that Jet's is opening a new location in the North Ridge strip center (the one with the Harris Teeter on Falls).

            What's up with that center, btw? It's already got St. Jacques, Tribeca Tavern, the NR pub, it's sister Italian restaurant, and IIRC a Chinese take-out. A deli and a Mexican restaurant will be opening soon. And then there's the empty outparcel that used to be the Hardee's. How do all these places stay in business, especially in the current economy?

            Not trying to hikack the thread. Just wondering...

            1. re: rockycat

              rockycat - not everyone is so successful there: Amedeo's North, an Indian restaurant, Hardee's, Woody's, Longhorn, Houlihan's, Michael Dean's and 2 ice cream places to name a few. Plus, I think there was a Pizza Hut that went out of biz prior to the Chipotle bldg being built. If I remember correctly, the lease on the Hardee's/Woody's bldg is $3K/month. Willing to bet the lease on the Tribeca bldg is more, which is why Rocky Top probably switched to something like $9-$13 burgers instead of Michael Dean's more expansive/expensive menu.

              There's also going to be Horowitz's Part 2 - Horowitz's having gone out of biz in that same location many years ago.

              Anyway, there's a lot of traffic at that intersection, so there's no shortage of customers.

              As Jet's pizza is going in there, since I've had it I'll give a brief review: Like Little Caesar's but a little better - not great by any stretch. It's also a chain, and with good, local pizza places like Christo's, Amante, and Camos Bros close by I hope it won't be everyone's first option.

          2. There's been a Jet's here in Greenville for a while, and it's one of our go-to places for pizza. They describe their pizza as Detroit style. IIRC it's a chain out of that part of the country.

            Mostly it's okay stuff. The best pizza they have is the Jet 10, which in addition to the extra toppings, is also for some reason cooked longer than the others. This gives the crust a much better texture and really improves the quality.