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Sep 26, 2011 04:21 PM

North Beach Progressive Dinner Ideas...

My wife and I have always enjoyed taking about four plus hours to wander North Beach and dine at five or six different spots when we come to town. It has never been a problem before as we both love Italian food but she has been vegan (Engine 2 w/no oils, salt, etc.) for the past seven months and it is treating her so well that I know that this is a permanent change. Can anyone give me some help on what spots might serve our needs for my Italian craving and her vegatable cravings. We are both getting up there and have been coming to the city since the seventies usually at least once per year. I was born there but raised in Santa Barbara as was she. It has been three years since we have been able to visit so not up to speed on what might be some of the newer places.

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  1. I guess souffles are out, and oil and salt rule out Chinese vegetarian. Too bad Juicy Lucy is gone (to the farmers' markets).

    DeLise Dessert Cafe on Bay near Powell has delicious sorbets. They're not open terribly late, so maybe dessert first.

    The foccacia sandwiches at Mario's should work. I've eaten at L'osteria del Forno with a vegetarian, and she seemed happy.

    You could also detour out to the Embarcadero for chocolate tasting at TCHO. If you did that, you could stop at the Plant cafe for the city's best loved veggie burger (made with beets, beans, etc; I've eaten their food but not the veggie burger).

    The Mission would be considerably easier for a vegan crawl (Gracias Madre, Minako, Udupi Palace, Local Mission, Cha Ya). Even the schwarma place has a tofu version.

    17 San Pier, Francisco, CA

    Plant Cafe
    Pier 3, San Francisco, CA

    504 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133