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Sep 26, 2011 03:46 PM

10 days in Buenos Aires

Hi all,

My boyfriend and I will be in Buenos Aires for 10 days in November/December. I am compiling a list of restaurants (many thanks to the awesome posters here at Chowhound) and wanted to post it here to see if anyone had any thoughts, thought I was missing something great, etc. I have read through the board but as things are always evolving, any more recent thoughts are most welcome!

I will also post reviews here when we return. We live in San Francisco and are big foodies, but like everything from casual to very fine dining, so we want to try a variety of spots and cuisines.

Here is my list:

Must go:
Casa Mun
Don Julio
Pura Tierra

Really want to go:
Hernan Gipponi
Restaurante El Federal
El Preferido de Palermo
El Almacen de los Milagros (probably the day we get there)

Other good options:
Las Perlitas
Rodi Bar
La Josefina
Campo Bravo
Azema Exotica Bistro
Juana M
Las Cholas
El Establo

Good for a quick meal or lunch:
Pizzeria Guerrin
Las Cuartetas
Palacio de las Papas Fritas
Sarkis Armenian

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to the trip and to posting reviews when we return.

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  1. I will jump in here- I am also going to BA with my girlfriend in Oct/Nov. I've been a few times for business, but never for vacation. This looks like quite the list! Not sure how to narrow it down. From my research, I think I'm putting Don Julio on my must try list, and more than one CH'er here was very complimentary of Parrilla Pena.

    From my 1st-hand experience, I really enjoyed Cabana Las Lilas, which I see isn't on your list. True, it's touristy, but it was some of the best steak I ate in BA, and I went to quite a few places.

    Out of curiosity, how did you compile such a huge list? I thought I had my bases covered, and looking through this list, I feel like I barely started!

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      Thanks for the thoughts cactus - I will add those to my list :) Debating on Cabana Las Lilas and another parilla that I have seen debated a lot on CH - I thought Don Julio would be a good choice for that type of place and it is near our hotel.

      I made the list from a combo of past chowhound, a little from tripadvisor (basically the top few reviews that looked interesting), and then quite a bit from the wwww.saltshaker.net website - the Chef who runs it has a closed-door restaurant there and does lots of great restaurant reviews (and is around chow from time to time as I understand it).

      I am adding 2 to the list of places I really want to try:
      La Pizarras Bistro
      La Alhambra

      My reasons for compiling a big list is that I actually don't want to plan much - I'd like to pick a few places we really want to go to (maybe 3), and for the rest we will just choose somewhere based on the neighborhood we end up in that day or feel like seeing that night. So if we are hungry, we will have options that I know will be worthwhile.

      My reasons for posting such a long list here even though there are past threads is because I know that restaurants fade with time - so maybe a list of currently good spots is worthwhile. I'm looking forward to posting some reviews when we get back.

    2. I too am planning a trip to Buenos Aires (only 3 days though) and three restaurants that were highly recommended on another thread here were 647 Dinner Club, La Cabrera, and La Cabana.

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        I don't think 647 is open any more- I saw a reply in a thread somewhere on the board that they tried going by and couldn't find it, and later called and got no answer. For whatever it's worth, I've been to La Cabrera, and was not very impressed- had better steaks in a variety of parillas in BA, but YMMV. Good luck!

      2. Don't forget the wonderful cafes - Tortoni, Las Violetas, La Biela - they have wonderful breakfasts and light lunches.

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          Can you tell me why it seems none of the restaurant websites I click to have prices with their menus? I am also off on a romantic food time in BA. I appreciate all the recommendations. But I have no idea at all what to budget.


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            Dining out is not expensive in BA. El Mirasol is high end and 3 courses for 2 plus a bottle of wine was about $80 CAD. That's a pricey meal is S.A. In Canada it would be equivalent to $160.

            Lunches are often set prices/ menu and can be anywhere from $10 to $25 CAD for 2 people.

            Dinner menus are often al la carte.

        2. I just had dinner at Casa Mun Friday...hands down the best meal I've had in Buenos Aires. I tend to like things spicy and it seems most Argentines definitely do not. As for just good food in general, La Cabrera is still quite good as well. And athough its a chain, I really enjoyed the Peruvian-Japanese fusion at Osaka in Palermo Hollywood.
          All in all though, it's Argentina, try to stick to what they do best; steak, medialunas, dulce de leche, and empanadas. No need for a guidebook or map, you can find a decent one most anywhere.

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          1. re: advtravel

            Casa Mun was my best meal in BA -- foreign born chefs are taking up the slack in the local food scene -- which I can only politely describe as boring. The night we went, there was a wonderful soba noodle soup, new style albacore sashimi with crispy onion, an assortment of maki sushi plus a delictable spicy tuna on crispy rice. And all without cream cheese. I later read on the website and that Chef Mun was trained by Iron Chefs Okuwa and Morimoto and it all fell into place....hands down the best sushi & Asian option available.

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              We'll be in BA for the month of February - how long in advance should I book Casa Mun?

              1. re: ElizabethS

                I booked three weeks in advance and had no trouble. They only have 16 seats so planning ahead is a must for this and the other closed door restaurants in BA.

          2. We spent many weekends in BA while living in Chile. Argentinian food is exceptionally good. Chileans fly over for the 1) food, 2) shopping, and 3) books and entertainment. Two of our favourites are:
            High end: El Mirasol, Posadas 1032, Buenos Aires - http://www.frommers.com/destinations/...

            Local professionals and South American tourists lunch at: La Posada de 1820, Tucumán 501 esquina San Martín, Centro, Microcentro, C.A.B.A. Please bring me some of their chimichurri...please!


            An excellent Argentinian hotel is the Amerian Park, Reconquista 699, Buenos Aires C1003ABM, Argentina.


            Service is exceptional, they look after you like family, majority of guests are South American, tried other hotels but checked out and went back to the Amerian. Very secure to store luggage for short overnight trips like Montevideo (recommend this highly). In micro centro near Galeria Pacifica and Teatro etc. Easy walk to Recoleta, Safe but always be aware of your surroundings anywhere in BA. Let your hotel get you a round trip driver or real taxi at night.


            Such a beautiful city and the people are so kind and well mannered.

            FYI: Order your steaks tres quatro in Argentina for medium rare (versus media in Chile). Otherwise you'll be chasing it through the restaurant.Oh, and it will be the size of a small roast for a family of four which you are expected to finish.