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spinich crepes - remember The Magic Pan?

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Remember the chain of crepe restaurants called The Magic Pan? Nana used to take me to the one in Beverly Hills & I'd always have the spinich crepes. Now I'm craving them (20 years later) and the place is of course gone. Where can I find that again? The crepe was freshly made by the ladies wielding the crepe pans at the middle of the restaurant. And the spinich was light -- almost a souffle.

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  1. I use to LOVE the Magic Pan. We use to go the one at the Woodland Hills Prominade. My mom and I along with my sister would do lunch there all the time.

    Nice thought for the day.

    1. I loved the Magic Pan! And that spinach crepe. Crepes in general are hard to come by. There's a new place in Pasadena, Crepe Vine. Not sure if they have Spinach; check with them first to see if they've repaired their kitchen (had fire); they're not serving savory crepes until the kitchen is fixed.
      There's that crepe place at Farmer's Market--only for desperation.
      In downtown, at the "Farmer's Market" at the Citicorp Plaza, there's a guy who makes crepes. Haven't tried those yet.

      1. You would probably be sooooo disappointed, [ or atleast surprised ] if you knew how the Spinach Souffle crepes were made.

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          OK -- surprise all of us old Magic Pan fans (and be sure to explain where you get your information).

        2. I just have to chime in -- I LOVED The Magic Pan (of course I was way young then!!) As I recall, they also had "palascintas" (sp?) -- a fried, almost-chimichanga like crepe. I like d the ham (or was it ham n cheese?) paired with the spinach crepe! My favorite lunch! I would have had a glass of wine w/ it -- but I think I wasn't even 21 yet! Ahhhh, memories. I know there's a crepe place at the Hollywood-Highland mall (Kodak theatre place) but have not tried it. Too afraid; too money-conscious (!)

          1. Dusty's in Silver Lake does crepes, at least on the weekends. The last time I was there we split a chicken and mushroom crepe that was served with a creme sauce - it was pretty delicious. As we were chomping down, talk inevitably turned to The Magic Pan and how it was the standard place back in the early eighties for Nanas to take their grandkids. It might be worth going to Dusty's for brunch and ordering a savory crepe strictly for the nostalgia factor.

            1. Hi Spinach Crepe lovers: I worked at the BH "Pan" in 1972 and 73. I was a crepe-cooker and a "crepe-assembler." The Spinach Souffle crepe was my favorite lunch--I liked it well done. Here's the secret: they used Stouffer's frozen Spinach Souffle batter. Just make or buy crepes, fill with thawed batter, cook in the microwave until firm and top with cheddar cheese sauce and paprika. Brown in a toaster oven. Yum. I still make this almost 40 years later. I also add sauteed mushrooms, roasted red bell pepper, and parmesan cheese. VERY good!

              I'm sure I've violated my long-ago contract by revealing that, but the restaurant is long out of business, so....


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                And, I worked at the MP at the Woodland Hills Promenade. I too was a crepe maker. Yep, Stouffers ...I add a drop or two of Madera and a little fresh spinach to the mix. YUM!

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                  You have done a very good thing in disclosing this secret! I have fond memories of the Magic Pan at North Park in Dallas when I was in college in the late 70's. I loved the salad with mandarin oranges and toasted almonds, too

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                    Let me challenge your memory. My favorite was the chicken divan, how did they make that? TIA I also loved their crepe dessert that was fried crepes with a chocolate sauce.

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                      The chicken crepes were made with Stouffer's Chicken a la King plus parmesan, I think I remember. The reason for all the Stouffer's products was that the same company owned the Magic Pans. They were founded by Paulette and Leslie Fono. I met Paulette once--we were in a photo together in the LA Times.

                      The chocolate crepe you're talking about had a coating of ground pecans, sugar, and raisin spread. We toasted the crepe first, then added a bar of vanilla ice-cream, then chocolate sauce. My favorite dessert was the Crepes Chantilly: bananas, whipped cream, toasted almonds, brown sugar, sweet vermouth. I still make those once in a while. Oh, I forgot: also apricot jam.

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                      You made our day when we stumbled upon this thread. My mom and I were regulars at The Magic Pan in Manhasset, NY. Our favorites were the Chicken Divan crepe (addressed in this thread), the mandarin orange almond salad (any idea about the dressing?) mocha crepe (I too remembered that block of vanilla ice cream in the middle) and lastly my mom loved the pea soup with croutons (any pointers on recreating the soup too?)

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                        We split the recipe for the pea soup off to a new topic on our Home Cooking board. You can find it here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/908216

                    3. There is a Crepe place at 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, right on the corner across from the mall.

                      I used to like the mushroom crepes from the Woodland Hills one.

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                        We've been to the 3rd St. place. Unfortunately it did not remind us AT ALL of the Magic Pan (which we loved).

                      2. It looks like you missed Melanie Wong's glowing review with pictures of:

                        Mishi's Strudel - San Pedro - Crepes they have:

                        Spinach & Sour Cream
                        Spinach & Mushrooms