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Sep 26, 2011 02:56 PM

Padova - Lunch at Zaramella

On our way from Venice to Trento, my partner and I stopped in Padova for a quick walking tour, a visit to the Capella degli Sgrovegni, and lunch. Zaramella looked nice, is listed in Michelin, is open on Mondays, and we noticed faraona (guinea fowl) on the menu which we couldn't resist. So, we started with a pumpkin flan on a bed of gorgonzola bechamel with onions (a really fabulous dish) and a salad of prawns with porcini mushrooms, tomato and arugula (very good but the prawns had lost some flavor from chilling). Then we both had the faraona, served on a sauce of chopped giblets, onions and capers, and served with roasted potatoes. Unfortunately, the guinea fowl was a bit dry (roasted and then reheated?) but the sauce rescued it and over all it was quite tasty. The grilled vegetable side was just right. With a bottle of the house soave classico (10 euros and more than decent), cover charge, water and coffee, the bill was 83 euros. Not having been to Padova before, I cannot say whether you might do better, but we found this enjoyable and reasonable.

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  1. Unfortunately, I have neve had guinea fowl that was not a little dry.Maybe someone else has done better, ive felt it was in the nature of the bird. the other dishes sound fabulous, thanks for the great trip reporting.

    Largo Europa,9, Padova, Veneto 35137, IT

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      The trick is to pan-roast the breast and braise the legs. Sear the breast on a cast-iron pan and then put it in a 450 degree oven for 7 to 10 minutes. I do it at home all the time, and it is always moist. It amazes me that many restaurants have not figured this out.