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Sep 26, 2011 01:50 PM

Pinnacle gin any good for mixing?

I'm having a really hard time finding gin that is nut free (Im allergic). Ive emailed several and can't find contact info for Tanqueray or Booth's. So far I've only heard back from Pinnacle and they are nut free.

(waiting to hear from Burnett's, Bluecoat, Gordon's, Seagrams, Hendricks & Plymouth)

Beefeater and Bombay both contain almonds

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  1. I had a bottle of Pinnacle, it wasn't bad but it was one of the less flavorful gins I have had. Doesn't hold up well at all in gin + tonics.

    For the price I really like Seagram's Distillers reserve, hopefully that will come back nut free for you.

    I just checked the bottles in my house, Citadelle lists all 19 botanicals and it has almonds. Broker's says it has 10 natural botanicals (herbs, spices, and fruit) so that might be a good one for you, and is an excellent gin. Boodles doesn't say one way or the other.

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      Without knowing the official line, I read once that Boodles doesn't use anything more exotic than traditional juniper botanicals ...

      Here's an ingredient list I found on the Interwebs:

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        Of course no place to get Broker's around here, and I can't find contact info for Boodles to check the safety of their gin. So frustrating

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          BIG thumbs up for Broker's....they responded to my email almost immediately and provided me an allergen statement.
          Good news is it's safe, bad news is I can't find any place to purchase it :-/

        2. Here is a list of ingredients on Seagram's Gin website:

          1. Have you any proof that the nut allergens pass over through the distillation process? have you ever had an allergic reaction to gin? I'm a distiller and haven't heard of any cases of nut reactions to the gins that have almond or bitter almond in the botanicals. That doesn't mean that it isn't possible, but...

            The following use almonds. Some aren't available in the States.
            All 4 Beefeater gins
            Bombay dry and Sapphire
            Berkely Square
            Citadelle and Citadelle reserve
            Old Raj
            Pink 47

            1. I posted on this on the artisanal distillers discussion forum that I help administrate and got this answer, this is the last paragraph of the outline of a 7 page paper.

              "Based on the data submitted by the applicant, the Panel notes that proteins and peptides are not carried over into the distillate during a properly controlled distillation process, at least not in amounts above 1 mg/L. Although the analytical evidence is derived from experiments that were performed predominantly with almonds, the Panel considers that distillates made from nuts are unlikely to trigger a severe allergic reaction in susceptible individuals."

              See the whole pdf here.

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                Thanks JMF.....but having almost died 3 times from minuscule amounts of cross contamination in my food, I'm not taking any chances. I'd rather just choose a gin that doesn't include nuts in it's ingredients. But I do appreciate you looking into it :)

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                  As an aside, I've heard similarly regarding wheat carryover during distillation for the sake of those who have Celiac. The proteins/peptides are not carried over.