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Sep 26, 2011 01:23 PM

Jones soda in philly?

Does anyone know where to get Jones soda in philadelphia? I am looking to find who carries it so I can find the distributor in the area. Looking for all sorts of great craft sodas and hoped whoever carries jones may have some more. Thanks Phillychow!

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  1. I've seen it in Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting as well as the Fresh Grocer in Drexel Hill. Both are chains and have other locations throughout the Philly region

    1. Not sure if they have Jones but Franklin Fountain in Old City has a great craft soda selection in the back area. Pretty sure the Whole Foodses in the city has Jones, along with other fancy sodas.

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        Yeah, I'm a fan of their selection. I am actually looking for the craft soda distributors for my restaurant. Stay tuned for a new selection of craft sodas coming to philadelphia!

        1. re: kgarabed

          The beer distributer at Gowen, and Germantown in Mt. Airy has an excellent selection of sodas without HFC.

      2. If you're looking for your restaurant, Restaurant Depot / Jetro has it. If they don't have all the flavors you're looking for, maybe the manufacturer has a website.

        1. Most Targets have them.