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Sep 26, 2011 12:24 PM

Food destinations in VA countryside

I live in DC but love a good drive along VA country roads. Does anyone have any food-related favorites within a couple hours of DC? I'm thinking anything from a restaurant, to a farmer stand, to a vineyard, to a butcher, to a cheesemaker, to a pick-your-own whatever orchard. What's worth a drive?

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  1. I have to vote for the Inn at Little Washington, but be prepared to Spend - It's a heafty bill, especially if you stay the night...

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    1. re: tommyskitchen

      I think we may have to try it at some point. How crazy are reservations? If I were to shoot for a weekend night in January or February, what are my chances?

    2. For a real down home experience try Hi-Neighbor in Strasburg.

      There's also a German resto that's near Madison, VA called Bavarian Chef that's supposed to be good, though I haven't been. Then C-Ville does have some good places as well. Or the bottoms in Richmond.

      1. I'm a big fan of the Bavarian Chef. It's a fun place, with good solid German food. Great for this time of year. Saturday night and Sunday afternoon you need to have reservations as it is a pretty popular place.

        I love the Ashby Inn in Paris (I have been for dinner but I am told they do a great brunch) and Girasole Restaurant (Italian) in The Plains. Girasole is the sister restaurant to Panino in Manassas.

        I'm a big fan of Hunter's Head Tavern in Upperville. I love the tavern atmosphere and the English pub fare plus the food is all local and organic.

        1. Palladio Restaurant, the Italian restaurant on the premises of Barboursville Winery, is a lovely option. You could eat lunch or dinner there.

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            I can't believe I forgot Palladio. A very memorable meal and the place has a lot of atmosphere.

          2. OK...this may not be what you are looking for but when we are hiking, we love stopping at the Epicurious Cow.