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Sep 26, 2011 12:21 PM

Food pairing website?

I was wondering if there is a FREE website, where I could go and look up food pairings. For example I can go and look up pork, and see other foods such as spices, fruits, veggies, wine and beer that go nicely with a peice of pork.

I've been looking for days and not seen any place like this. Was wondering if anyone had a place hidden away.

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  1. I googled "food pairings" and came up with this one:

    Free for limited use, this UK site was launched about four years ago, is based on the science of flavor detection, seems mostly for professional chefs, and it's not the hippest looking site; that said, maybe it'll be useful to you.

    Wiki's take on the science of food pairing, fyi:

    And more interesting reading from Khymos:

    As far as pairing alcohol with food, there are quite a few sites that do that with specific recipes or ingredients; Food & Wine magazine has the Tasting Room online, and www.epicurious,com has extensive food and wine or beer pairing info.

    1. I know you asked for a free website, but there is a fantastic book called "The Flavour Bible" by Page and Dornenburg, which encyclopaedically lists the optimum pairings of a massive array of foods. I got this for Christmas a few years ago, and refer to it all the time- sometimes just read it for fun!

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        A good recommendation, and Andrew Dornenburg and others have written two other books as well on food pairing, along with a few other culinary pro chef books, "What To Drink With What You Eat" and "Culinary Artistry" and while the books are a bit pricey, they can be purchased used at amazon, or maybe even found at the OP's local library for a try out.

        Read the reviews with an open mind.

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          +1 on The Flavor Bible - I love this book, and use it constantly.

        2. Here's another site with a visualized taste bud complementary flavors graph, via poster buttertart, and PaulF, on the Food & Media board: