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Sep 26, 2011 12:19 PM

Gift Ideas- Knife

I am looking to buy my wife a knife for her birthday and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

She already has a Global Parring and Santoku, a Miyabi Chef's knife, and a Henckels Cermax chef's knife. Are there any specific styles I should give her to add to this set?

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  1. Looks like you've got most of the basics covered.How about a Mac or Tojiro serrated bread knife?

    1. Pete has a good point. If you like your two Chef's knives, then maybe you don't need another. Bread knife is great choice -- since you didn't mention one. Boning knife is good if you like to breakup chicken etc. A Nakiri is good if you work with vegetable on a regular basis.

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        Hey, I just thought of this. What about a carbon steel Chinese chef's knife (aka Chinese cleaver)?

        You get to have a carbon steel knife which you may not have. You get to have a different style of knife, and you get to have an all-purpose knife.

      2. But if you give her a knife as a gift, you need to tape a coin to it. It's some old superstition that giving a knife effectively 'severs' your relationship and the coin it back? LOL. Something like that.

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          :) I don't think this rule applies to wife.

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              No, I ain't going to give my hypothetical wife one more penny. No!

              The idea to place a coin with the knife is that the recipient can give the coin back to me, so that he would symbolically purchase the knife instead of accepting it as a gift. Thus, by passing, any ill omens may associate with a knife gift.

              This is different for a friend than for a wife.

              For a friend, you don't want to put him in an awkward situation of forcing him to open his wallet or returning the knife. If my hypothetical wife wants to "purchase" the knife from me, then she can open her purse and give me the money. If not, she can give me back the knife, which is fine by me. One more knife for me. :D

              1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                Thanks for explaining it. But when I gave a friend a cleaver for his wedding, he obviously didn't know the custom, because he didn't give me back the coin. That marriage didn't last, but I'm still friends with him. Hmm.

                1. re: pdxgastro


                  He took the coin?!

                  Oh well, your plan didn't work. Yeah, some people believe it is an ill-symbol to give a person a knife as a gift especially in big events like weddings, birthdays, New Years...etc

                  As for the marriage, well, we have so many failed marriage in the US, I don't think anyone would think of your knife.

        2. I use a bread knife every so often, and I like having it, although it isn't a wonderful knife or anything. A good bread knife might be a handy thing to have around if you slice bagels, for instance. Or French bread. Another knife that I use fairly frequently is a good meat slicing knife. Another possibility is a good quality carving set. I have several of these, and none of them are worth using. I do use the long bladed slicing knife though, and even though I didn't invest a lot of money it it, I find it useful. Another possibility if your wife works with meat, is a boning knife.