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Musso and Frank dishes.

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Also, what do you order on the menu when you go in general?

Are any of their specials good?

Do you just stick to the steaks and chops? such as a NY steak, or the Porterhouse steak, or the French cut lamb chops or the grenadine of beef with bernaise sauce?

Do you ever get the crab louise or the shrimp louise or the avocado cocktail?


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  1. They do a good porterhouse and I like their very traditional béarnaise. I get these with their skinny French fries for a sort of Hollywood steak frites dinner. The lettuce wedge salad with Roquefort is also great

    1. I like the sand dabs and have had them a few times.

      For what it's worth.

      1. crab louise was great last time I went about a year ago.
        enough for 4.

        1. I got the NY steak 2 weeks ago, and it was really good. Surprisingly good as it was my first time ordering food there and I never had a particular desire to order their food. But anyway, the steak was cooked perfectly to my medium rare liking.

          My husband ordered the spaghetti and meatballs. I don't generally like spaghetti, but he thought it was good and particuarly liked the meatballs, which I tasted and agreed with him on. I think it may have been a meat stuffed meatball, maybe lamb? I can't remember.

          Bad short term memory here righ tnow - I know we had the avocado cocktail but I can't rememeber anything about it. Sorry...I think the issue is that my short term memory is really failing me as opposed to it being unmemorable.

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            Oh I also had the wedge salad because I was in the mood for that kind of texture, and I agree with Ernie - it was great.

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              I keep wanting to try the Spaghetti & Meatballs! (The macaroni and cheese is excellent)

              The avocado cocktail is simply sliced avocados. That's it.

            2. I love Musso's! I tend to get the same thing over and over and am planning a week of lunches where I go and order things I've always wanted to try. That is coming at the end of Oct, I will post what i find. In the meantime:

              Sand Dabs: terrific. Love them, particularly with a side of green peas.

              Pork Chop: maybe the best in town. Thick, juicy with wonderful juices.

              Steaks: Excellent filet and, agreed, the strip is terrific as well.

              Caesar: best in town, depending on who makes it.

              Macaroni and Cheese: done with bucatini, so it is not the traditional prep but wow, is it good.

              Chicken Pot Pie: Justifiably famous.

              Stuffed Celery: if you like blue cheese, these are a must.

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                I haven't had the pot pie in years, but recall it as being really good.

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                  Please do report back.

                  I'll probably get the NY strip steak, the next time I'm there. Unless it's a Friday.

                  So no one has tried the Bouillabaise there either?

                2. Yes....Thursday night special Chicken Pot Pie. Good stuff.

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                    My sister has tended to order the Short Ribs special in the past, and I have favored the Veal Marsala.
                    Both were delicious.

                  2. Its been a while, but they have one of the best open face hot turkey sandwhiches with fries (well done) I can recall.

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                      Oh, I almost forgot -
                      You should ask the waiter for the "special potatoes" not on the menu.
                      They're delish.

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                        Can you describe the special potatoes further?

                        and do you guys usually get Martini's to go with the food, or say a Ramos Gin Fizz, etc???

                        1. re: kevin

                          Martinis and Manhattans are about the best in town.

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                            Yeah, I always get the Martini's with a copious amount of olives. If i'm not mistaken the service is getting better and better as the place ages.

                            But has anyone tried any of the other drinks on their cocktail list?

                            Sadly, without any reccommendations, I can't veer away from my usual martini fix.

                            1. re: kevin

                              That is my problem as well. And, at other restaurants, when I am coaxed into ordering something else, I always think, 'Gee, I wish I was having a martini"... EXCEPT for the "Vinebury" at Cleo, which is a terrific drink with Serrano pepper.

                              I agree that they are really trying to improve everything. The younger generation of the family took over and while working to maintain everything great about M&F, they are definitely improving service, the wine list and certain food items.

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                            Um, it's been a number of years, but if I remember correctly, they involve, among other things, onions and cheese. Maybe some cream.

                      2. Yes on the New York. Definitely get a side of creamed spinach. Oddly they also have excellent tomato soup. If you want a slight twist on the wedge, go for the anchovy dressing - it's not ceaser, it's vinaigrette with anchovies. Delicious.

                        1. > Also, what do you order on the menu when you go in general?

                          I asked something similar a few years ago and got lots of good advice:


                          1. Liver and onions. Since I'm the only one in my family who likes this, I never get to eat it except when we go to Musso's. Liver is a thick-cut steak, perfect medium rare.

                            1. Grenadine of beef is my all-time favorite there...with creamed spinach on the side. I've eaten that meal there since I was a child. And loved it every time!

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                                  Excellent! I hope you get to meet Manuel, the captain. One of the most gracious men in town.

                                  1. re: kauma

                                    Actually, there's two Manuels - one is the captain on the main dining side, and the other is the bartender on the bar side.
                                    The bartender Manuel is very charming, also.

                                    1. re: aurora50

                                      True. Perhaps I should have been more clear; there are different captains. The Manuel to whom I referred is most often found at the front door.

                                      Manny Felix retired recently...that must have been heartbreaking for the people who watched his magic tricks...

                                      Is there another Manuel at the bar?

                                      1. re: kauma

                                        Yeah, the only Manny I know is from years ago the Manny that tended behind the counter, I heard he was also the whiz behind Musso's Caesar salad as well.

                                        1. re: kevin

                                          Oh no - you mean the Manny at the bar has retired???
                                          Say it ain't so!!!
                                          : (

                                          1. re: aurora50

                                            If this is the Manny you mean, apparently so:


                                            Oh, I wish MF would never change...

                                            1. re: kauma

                                              No, Manny Aguirre is the one in the bar.
                                              But ANY Manny leaving, is a bad, sad thing!
                                              : (

                              1. For dinner, the Ribeye with Lyonnaise potatoes and splitting a ravioli as a side is my usual, but I also get wild hairs and do sweetbreads, Grilled Lamb Kidney or Liver with Bacon and Onions. Love the roast lamb as well and I always get the Anchovy dressing.

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                                1. re: scottca075

                                  What is the ravioli like? Red sauce?

                                  1. re: Tom P

                                    The ravioli is very old school, mushroom based red sauce, so decadent to enjoy a steak with ravioli.

                                2. I always stop in once or twice on my yearly trips to Hollywood. I always fly out late on Saturday and always have the huge shortribs for lunch that day. With a side of creamed spinach. The lamb and pork chops are a good bet, so I assume the steaks are too. I often see people ordering the flannel cakes for a late lunch.