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Sep 26, 2011 11:50 AM

John Mueller's Almost Open

He/they were supposed to open today, but a "last minute snag" kept that from happening. Apparently he's having trouble passing inspection (didn't this happen with the restaurant on the East Side, as well? It took months to open).

1502 South First Street, I think next to Torchy's Tacos. Which will make it the most convenient BBQ place to me in terms of locations (even though I live another 7 miles south of that). He hopes to open next week.


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  1. I'd heard the issue is the requirement for propane tank placement changed while his trailer was being built. So, he had to have those brackets moved to meet the new requirement. Supposedly, they'll inspect tomorrow or Thursday. I'm hoping for some BBQ on Friday.

    1. I don't know why that link doesn't' work from Chow. It you cut and paste it into a browser, it works fine. It acts like it's trying to find the page on Temporary bug, or is that a permanent "feature"?

      Could somebody post here when it opens? John seems to favor twitter over the more "open" freestyle forums. Which is probably best for him.