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Sep 26, 2011 10:50 AM

Barrymore - Las Vegas

Last week I had the opportunity and pleasure to try The Barrymore Restaurant a few days shy of their Grand Opening.
The restaurant is to the left of the lobby inside the Royal Resort located on Convention Center Drive.

The feel and decor evoke Art Deco,South Beach & Old Hollywood. The space has an intimate feel...this is not a corporate, mega resort celebrity chef collaboration.
The chefs, managers, and servers were on their game. For a soft opening there wasn't a miss.

We started in the Bar area w a glass of wine. The Barrymore offers a nice cocktail and wine list. They also feature 50 wines for under $50 ....many from small boutique vineyards.

The outdoor patio (almost complete) will offer a beautiful view of the Vegas Skyline and include a firewall which will be perfect for our cooler evenings ahead.

We moved into the dinigroom which was decorated in a retro film motif with overstuffed comfy half moon booth and black and gold brocade wallpaper. It was beyond cool!

We started our meal w/ the Lobster deviled eggs and the roasted artichoke. Both were lovely, light and flavorful. The presentation was beautiful.

For our main entrees we ordered the Diver Scallops, ox-tail stew, potato galette & mushroom emulsion. The pairing was unusual but worked well. The ox tail was braised pefectly and it's made specifically for this entree
Crispy Pork Belly braised with korean flavors, kimchee fried rice, ginger carrot emulsion.
This was a hearty flavorful dish.

It was nice to see classic items on the menu such as Vitello Tonnato, Oysters Rockafeller and Chicken Matzo Ball Soup.

Dining at the Barrymore was a real treat, Price points werent sky high, parking is easy and there is no smoky casino which added to the ambiance of the evening.

I loved this place! I look forward to re visiting on my next trip!

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  1. I agree whole-heartedly. This is the best new restaurant in Las Vegas. Cool and intimate, with great food and fair prices.
    And by the way, they have what could be the best burger in Las Vegas; as good as Bradley Ogden's and less expensive.
    I go there once or twice a week now.

    Bradley Ogden
    3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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    1. re: jjo1953

      Max Jacobson reviewed the Barrymore in this week's edition of Vegas Seven magazine:

    2. Is it best to cab it from Bellagio?
      I tend not to venture off strip as I dont usually have a car, but this seems close enough.
      The menu looks great.

      3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

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      1. re: century81

        Consider the Barrymore to be a "Strip" property - just a few paces off of Las Vegas Boulevard. A bit of a stroll from the Bellagio, but an easy cab ride. We have quickly become fans but have not had the time to post a detailed review yet. The folks behind this were aiming for something that has not been easy to find in Las Vegas of late - that combination of creative cuisine (unique riffs on some classics), an old-school vibe, and proper levels of service. They have been hitting their target. The booths in the dining room make you want to turn it into a long and relaxed evening, a vibe that has been missing. The patio and firewall are a terrific touch. And their "50 under $50" wine list is extremely well thought out.

      2. Any new experiences with the Barrymore?
        I have reservations for the 29th. Looking forward to it.

        1. I took some coworkers to the Barrymore for lunch and a drink, and everything we had was fantastic: french onion soup, calamari, bibb salad with hearts of palm, lomo de cerdo, salmon, and several drinks off the cocktail list. Even the french fries were prepared perfectly, and the prices were a great value. Service was attentive and friendly.

          The only thing preventing us from becoming regulars is that vegetarian options on the lunch menu are scarce, with just one appetizer, one salad and no entrees available. If this isn't a concern for your group, though, you'll find the Barrymore to be a jewel tucked away between the Strip and the convention center.

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          1. re: schneiguy

            I'm curious if someone in your party asked about a possibility of a vegetarian entree. It's unusual not to have one offering at a full-service restaurant these days.

            1. re: Dave Feldman

              I agree, it did seem odd not to have at least one token dish. We did ask the server to check with the kitchen to see what they could do, and the options we got back were the chicken pasta minus the chicken, or a sandwich of roasted asparagus. Maybe my colleague is just a picky eater, but neither of those appealed to him, so he stuck with the salad.

              It does look like there's a squash curry dish on the dinner menu, but it wasn't offered as an option at the time. That's assuming the dish is vegetarian to begin with.

              1. re: schneiguy

                Thanks, schneiguy -- very helpful info.