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Sep 26, 2011 10:30 AM

A5 Wagyu for $75-$100 a Person?

We're visiting Tokyo in a couple weeks and are staying in the Shinjuku area. Is it possible to try A5 wagyu for $75-$100 a person? Since we're bringing my mother with us Dons and other super high end places are out of the question. We're not too worried about atmosphere so it's really about getting to try delicious steak and comparing it to our other experiences (for instance we loved how different the steak in Argentina was compared to US beef).

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  1. Tanta Bocca in Yoyogi, an Italian restaurant run by a meat company. They do steaks at dinnertime (made with A5 wagyu) for well within your budget.

    If you want Japanese style, 511 in Akasaka does a nice Kobe beef lunch for Y3500. <>

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