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Sep 26, 2011 10:11 AM

Southern Food in or around Dillon

I'll be driving from Pittsburgh to MB and would like recommendations to a restaurant serving southern food in or around Dillon. Thanks so much!!

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  1. Sorry, I can't help with Dillon, but I can highly recommend Fuller's in Lumberton, NC (on I-95 about 20 miles north of Dillon). They have pretty good barbecue, and a huge buffet of traditional southern fare. Well worth a stop!

    1. ash80753 - welcome,

      Not sure about Dillon, but here's a suggestion. Just down the road is another small town : Bennettsville - the restaurant you may like is Magnolia on Main. Traditional and a wonderful breakfast. 224 East Main Street. 843-479-9495

      These are both small towns with way too many chain places.

      Please pick up Blenheims Ginger Ale while you are in the area. When I go through I try to get a full case - yep, 24 bottles. and i get the Xtra -Hot, but first timers may want to break in with the regular (no. 5). Its available at many locations but the Piggly Wiggly in B'ville carries it. Some northern folks know it from the small ads in the New Yorker.

      to learn about Blenheims please go to: and the New York Times article:

      Mixed with good bourbon and a twist of lemon or lime, sipped when you're done driving, relaxing on the porch... I use a slice of candied ginger also. For non-imbibers its just fine w/out the spirits. I have some other suggestions but they would take you a little farther away (Hartsville or Florence, Gallivant's Ferry and Conway).

      When will you be traveling and what are you seeking?

      best wishes, kariin

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        ^ Unfortunately Bennettsville would be quite out of the way for I-95 travelers going to Myrtle Beach. Agreed about the Blenheim ginger ale, though. It's the real deal. You can even use it to strip paint. ;)

        1. re: arbyunc


          Bennettsville is slightly north of I-95 and might be out of your way, or not, depending on your time. Please consider the comment about Blenheim's gingerale a nod to its level of hot spiciness, the regular (No.5) is not as hot and its all delicious.

          Here's another suggestion - in Mullins: O'Hara's, 123 East Wine St., Mullins (downtown) 843-464-7287. I've not been there but the suggestion comes from a friend just down the road in Nichols. On-line reviews look good. Let us know how your visit goes.

        2. re: kariin

          Thanks so much both of you! I'm leaving in the morning. Mapquest has me going on 79 and then 77 and 74 then some back roads. I just would like a good southern restaurant. My grandma is originally from South Carolina, but she doesn't cook much anymore!

          1. re: ash80753

            Okay, one more suggestion if you're taking US 74. Just outside Laurinburg, NC, is General McArthur's. Like Fullers, they have very good eastern NC barbecue and a slew of other southern favorites on a buffet--killer vegetables, corn fritters, fried chicken, etc. Take the US 501 route off US 74, turn right after about 1 mile onto Barnes Bridge Rd., and follow about 2 miles to the stop sign. Go through the stop sign and the restaurant is just ahead on the right. Out in the middle of nowhere for sure, but it's well worth a stop. You can then return to US 501 and follow it to Rt 130 out of Rowland and on to the beach.

            General McArthur's Restaurant
            13661 Barnes Bridge Rd, Laurinburg, NC 28352

            1. re: arbyunc

              One more thing--are you going to North Myrtle, or Myrtle Beach proper? If the latter, then you can take exit 319 off of I-74 (about 8 mlles after you get on I-74 in Rockingham) and take NC 38 to Bennettsville. This is the best route to Myrtle Beach, as NC 38 becomes SC 38 and merges into US 501 near Marion, SC. If this route works for you, then the Bennettsville recommendation above would work. Or better yet, turn left on SC 79 before you get to Bennettsville and go to Stanton's Barbecue. This is a true gem, very un-fancy, out in the country, with waitresses who will call you "Honey", and they even have an airstrip across the street so you can fly in. :)

              Great barbecue, and excellent country cooking!