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Sep 26, 2011 09:52 AM

Mutton! (aka Old Sheep Meat)

Hey everyone who lives in the Michiana area! I need some help.

I am one of those really weird people who looooves the funky, musky taste of mutton. That is, fatty old sheep meat. It's not popular in the US but I have very fond memories of my grandmother roasting mutton and serving it with mint jelly. I was living with her in East Lansing, MI at this time in my childhood and I seem to remember her getting it from the butcher that worked at Meijer. Whether it was special order or she had the secret hookup for mutton, I don't know.

However, it certainly is not in any Meijer stores in South Bend or Michigan City! Or at any butcher shops or other grocery stores...I've tried Indian markets, Latin grocers, and even called a Lebanese butcher but no luck! Argh! Anyone have any sources for this? I will be posting this on the Chicago area board too. Thanks for your help!

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  1. I've seen mutton, and mutton sausages, at Sparrow Meats in Ann Arbor, Kerrytown Market. However, I don't think they have them always. Maybe they'd ship? Maybe the Mt. Bruce Station (Sheepstuff) in Michigan would ship? They raise sheep and lamb and sell the lamb - perhaps it isn't worth advertising the mutton for sale as widely as the lamb?

    1. Essence of Asia 29406 Orchard lake rd. Farmington Hills mi has fresh mutton on Tuesdays and Fridays. They get it whole so you can order whatever cut you want. I confirmed with them they have both mutton and lamb and lots of other Halal meats.

      This grocery is owned by the same people as Zayeqa and is in the same plaza (Just S. of 13 mile rd, east side)

      1. MICHIANA (NW Indiana) area, not Michigan area, folks. I don't think Ann Arbor or Farmington Hills, MI qualify here.

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          Yes thanks for the suggestions everyone, but Detroit is far, far away from where I'm at.

        2. actually, I need the same in the Milwaukee area - any help accepted.
          My father before he died wanted mutton stew like his grandmother made and I had to have shipped in the meat to do it. I would like to do it without the pressure at a cheaper cost.

          1. You should plan a road trip to Owensboro KY. They have a mutton festival every year in May.