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Sep 26, 2011 09:19 AM


October is right around the corner... Can anyone recommend a german deli/butcher in Central NJ? I'm looking for some interesting wursts & pates for an Octoberfest party...

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  1. Stecks Delicatessen has some good German products. They have a lot of wursts and some good german salamis. They deal with this awesome german butcher/sausage maker( for lack of a better word). The owner is Keith Swann. He could probably order some typical octoberfest goodness as well.
    They are located in Somerville. There is another store in Bedminster but the Somerville one will have all of the German products.

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    1. re: Spaetzle75

      Is Steck's still located in the shopping center on the Somerville circle ?
      I used to go there for sandwiches when I worked in the area around 1960 . The place was excellent then and there was a liquor store next door that carried imported bottled beers , not an easy find then .

      1. re: arpad

        Yes, Steck's is where it always was. I've noticed, however, that in the last few years they have cut way back on the number and variety of German offerings. I still get my marzipan there but they now have only one variety. If the OP decides to try Steck's, I would suggest a phone call to make sure they carry what he's looking for.

    2. My cousin swears by the German butcher in Forked River, D. A. Barsch

      I haven't been, but, have heard good things about the European Homemade Provisions store in East Brunswick.


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        Any good Octoberfest festivals to attend in northern NJ? (sorry if i hijacked the post).

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          The OLD BAY RESTAURANT in New Brunswick is having its annual Oktoberfest on 10/9/11 (for the the 22nd year) ...always a great day with plenty of festbiers on draft (as well as a good selection of other beers...about 22 taps in all).
          $15 to get in, which includes your first mug of beer (and you keep the mug to take home), a buffet (all you care to consume) of German and German inspired foods, as well as a German band for atmosphere.
          Gets a tad crowded, but its well worth it and a fun afternoon.

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            There is an octoberfest on Oct. 8th at Forest Lodge in Warren. We went last year and had a good time. Good selection of german beers and food, music and various other things. Here is a link -

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            Those two places are precisely what I would suggest. Although I generally associate European Provisions with Polish specialties, they certainly offer great quality German sausages.

          3. It's not specifically German but you might find what you want at Barth's Market in New Providence.

            1. Lutz's Pork Store in Union. Killer kielbasa.