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Sep 26, 2011 09:00 AM

Dinner Downtown Before Cirque du Soleil

Any ideas for a delicious dinner somewhere between Bay Street and Cherry Beach on a Tuesday Evening? Budget is about $100ish for dinner for two with wine.

I was considering the Garbardine (tasty, reasonable, cozy dinning room) or Osteria (never been but had a positive recommendation from a friend and it looks cute)

Is there something new/fresh/tasty exciting that would fit the bill that I am not thinking of?

I would prefer somewhere not too saturated with suits and seafood is out.

Lemme know!

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  1. Mercatto (Adelaide/Toronto) is good. So is La Bettola (Richmond/Victoria). Origin (Church/King) is good but you'd be hard-pressed to fill up for $100. Likewise Trevor and Lucien (both Church/Front) or Wine Bar (Church/Front).

    Maybe Veritas (King/Sherbourne) or Gilead Cafe (Eastern/Gilead) or some place in the Distillery since they're closer to the Cirque venue?

    15 Toronto Street, Toronto, ON M5C 2E3, CA

    234 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

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    1. re: ltdan

      Gilead Cafe! That could work...

      Have you eaten at La Bettola? Did you find it very delicious? Would you recommend it over Osteria?

      106 Victoria St, Toronto, ON M5C, CA

      1. re: lobster4ways

        I've eaten at La Bettola a couple of times, but somehow haven't tried Osteria. I've had no complaints at all with La Bettola though...small but interesting wine list, tasty food, nice decor, not huge portions (which is fine with me) and it doesn't have the attitude of their big sister Terroni around the corner.

        106 Victoria St, Toronto, ON M5C, CA

    2. Good food right down that way on Queens Quay - Against the Grain Urban Tavern, right at the back of the Corus Building and a killer view of the lake (not to mention Belgian beer list ; )

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      1. re: dannyboy

        Well, since dannyboy opened it up to pubs... :)

        Agreed, Against The Grain has great views and great beer list. The food's never blown me away though. Beerbistro and C'est What are both in the zone you mention and have (in my opinion) better food, but Beerbistro might fail the "not too many suits" criteria on a weeknight. You won't have that concern at C'est What.

        C'est What
        67 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E1B5, CA

      2. Which Tuesday are you going? If it is after this Tuesday, I am going to Cherry St. Restaurant this Wednesday before Cirque and can let you know how it is but it has gotten some good reviews here in the past and they now have a smoker. They have a "cirque" menu, I guess a restricted/smaller menu than normal to help with flow. Originally I was going to Gilead but decided on Cherry St. instead.

        Cherry St. Restaurant
        275 Cherry St, Toronto, ON M5A 3L3, CA

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        1. re: ylsf

          I am going this Tuesday!

          Just took a look at the Cirque menu online and the smoked artichokes sound pretty tasty. In fact, the whole 'nibbles' section of the menu sounds delicious. Let me know what you think!

          1. re: ylsf

            I did end up going on Wednesday. Very convienent for a Cirque show since it is pretty much across the street from the tent entrance. A lot of other people had the same idea. By 7pm it was pretty busy.

            On to the BBQ - I found the brisket to be very dry compared to the good brisket I have had (Buster Rhinos, Barque, Memphis Fire BBQ, etc). There was nice smoke but of course the dryness outweighed that for me. I don't know if I had a bad batch or what but too bad.... We also shared a rib order. I wasn't a huge fan of the ribs. They were way too fatty for my liking. I feel like I want to give them another chance again and hoping it was an off day. The space is great. If I have reason to be in the area again I would consider trying them again.

            1. re: ylsf

              I passed by it on my way to the show (those unicycles!) and it looked pretty cute.

              My main-squeeze and I ended up at the Gabardine (we were on bikes so getting around wasn't a concern) and had a great meal.

              The burger was really top notch and dressed with the most delicious roasted tomato. The house made ketchup is made with smoked paprika and was so tasty I am still having dreams about it.

              We also order the Cubano which was tasty but maybe the ugly step-sister to the burger?

              Chicken pate to start, and dolce de leche whoppie pies for dessert. Altogether a terrific meal (excellent service too).

              I just can't say enough good things about the Gabardine!