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Sep 26, 2011 07:19 AM

takeout or family-friendly recommendations in Falmouth Maine?

Hi. A friend of mine lives in Falmouth, ME and I'm looking to get her a restaurant gift certificate in the area. She has two young children, so either family-friendly places or places they can get takeout. I don't know the area so I'm not sure how far things are. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much.

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  1. Ricetta's is a very family-friendly pizza place in Falmouth, and I'm sure she knows it well. However, Falmouth is close enough to Portland that gift certificates for any Portland restaurant will be perfectly welcome (unless there's some other circumstance that keeps her close to home, like lack of a car or something). Good, kid-friendly Portland restaurants include Flatbread (pizza), Duckfat, Pom's (Thai, also does takeout), and Silly's. (And many more, but I'm kind of blanking on where we went when my kids were really little.)

    1. Right in Falmouth, Stonyfield Cafe is very family friendly *if* they are into healthy food. Ricetta's is a decent pizza place that is mobbed with families.

      Portland is really only 10 minutes or so from Falmouth, and there are some great options there, including Flatbread Co. (hippie pizza on the waterfront) and Silly's (crazy array of ethnic food/burgers/kid stuff in a funky atmosphere).

      40 Washington Ave, Portland, ME 04101

      Flatbread Company
      72 Commercial St Ste 5, Portland, ME 04101

      Ricetta's Brickoven Pizzeria
      240 US Route 1, Falmouth, ME 04105

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        I think any of the following places would be great:
        Wild Willy's
        Uno at the Maine Mall
        Otto's on Congress St.

      2. Love Stonyfield and it's VERY kid friendly (though the kids seem to be liking the games and stuff more than the organic mac & Cheese, etc. Going a bit north, there's Binga's Wingas in Yarmouth and Buck's Naked Bar-B-Que on the edge of Freeport.

        Binga's Winga's
        795 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102