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Sep 26, 2011 07:17 AM

Newport, RI

I will be in Newport, RI on Friday night. Looking for a recommendation for dinner. Nothing too fancy, but good quality food and nice atmosphere.

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    1. Give TSK a try, its small BYOB the menu changes each day depending whats in season its usually a long wait for a table but with summer over might be easier. Fluke, Clark Cooke House, Cafe Zelda. the Mooring, Resturant Luccia another BYOB.Away from the water is an area called Broadway there are some nice places but by the water you can have dinner then walk around and have a drink here or there. Restaurant Bouchard is classical French. Excellent but a bit fancy unless you dont mind that as its a cute place. Newport in general has some of the best places in RI.

      PS: Almost forgot Tallulah's is excellent

      Cafe Zelda
      528 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

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      1. re: Frank Terranova

        Thank you for all of the suggestions Frank! I've decided on Tallulah's! I'm so thankful that there are polite people that read and respond to posts like mine! Can't wait for Friday!!!

        1. re: livtocook

          Hope you like it. I am at Bouchards Friday also with a group.


          1. re: Frank Terranova

            I hope you have a wonderful time as well!! I will be with my husband! We are on our way to visit my daughter in Providence for her birthday! We thought a stopover in Newport would be nice! Looking forward to it! I'll post my thoughts when I get home. I have no doubt that I'll be pleased!! Thanks again, Frank! You are so kind.....I'm not terribly familiar with the "protocol" on this board.

            1. re: Frank Terranova

              Food was very good and inventive. We had the 3 course dinner. Great variety of choices and ample portions....we didn't have room for dessert.....but the complimentary chocolate truffle was the perfect bite to end a wonderful, memorable meal.Wine list excellent!! Tried Vouvray for the first time (we both had fish)....Loved it!
              Service was OUTSTANDING!!....friendly,attentive and comfortable atmosphere. We did not have a long wait for any course. Start to finish was 90 min.
              All in all, expensive, but high quality ingredients and worth it if you're looking for a special dining experience!
              I highly recommend Tallulah's!

              1. re: livtocook

                Thanks for reporting back. Sounds like a great meal.

          2. re: Frank Terranova

            Are any of these restaurants good for a family with young children? We'll be there on Saturday night and looking for a casual place with good food. We're staying at the Newport Bay Club on Thames Street.

              1. re: Marisa23

                If you want casual with good food, family friendly, right across the street from your hotel is The Red Parrot.

                1. re: jcanino

                  Yeah, I was gonna say the Red Parrot as well. We stay at the same place and always cross the street for one meal there. For some odd reason I usually get slammed for rec' Red Parrot or Brick Alley Pub but when you have kids and want casual these places are perfect. Have you ever gone to a chic eatery with kids and 1) we're hard pressed to find them something to eat on the menu and usually end up wasting money on a 15 dollar grilled cheese. And 2) there's people on a date exactly six inches on our right side and left side who could probably do without hearing our conversation about "Hotel Translyvania." But that all said, Newport is awesome. Great places to eat. Everything rec' will be good. Everyone's got a preference and believe me they're all solid choices. Since you're staying in that location I suggest you walk up Thames to Gary's Lunch Pal ( I think it's called that) - a little 50's style diner about a quarter mile down from your hotel that we always get breakfast and enjoy. Not expensive. Occasionally out of laziness we'll grab muffins and drinks in the ground floor coffee shop of your hotel for breakfast, but Gary's is our main place for breakfast.

                  1. re: Nickmerill

                    Gary's Handy Lunch is an awesome place for breakfast. You will find it full of locals ,college kids and tourists who hear about it from others. If you were walking past it you wouldn't even think of going in. Do go there for breakfast as least once.

                2. re: Marisa23

                  If all you want is some food, then the Red Parrot could fit the bill. It's certainly casual. My kids don't like it, and they're aged 9 and 11. When they were 4 or so they thought it was fine, but they were both deeply in the chicken nuggets and fries stage. The menu is almost amusingly extensive so there's bound to be something for everyone. The Brick Alley Pub is in the same ballpark.

                  I would recommend The Mooring if you want something better and your kids can sit still through a meal. My girls love it there - nice surroundings but still casual. We really like Puerini's and the Clark Cooke House. We've also had good luck at Yesterday's in Washington Square.

                  1. re: Bivalve88

                    Sardellas over Puerini's hands down but that's my opinion.

                    1. re: Nickmerill

                      I totally agree! But if you want Italian away from where the tourists venture, go all the way down lower Thames to Mamma Luisa's.

              2. good luck getting reservations at Tallulahs. always jammed

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                1. re: tfed

                  Got a reservation!! Can't wait! Thanks!

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