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Sep 26, 2011 06:53 AM

Southern CT Shoreline - AFTERNOON TEA

I am hoping to find a place with a solid afternoon tea ?

Preferably along the shoreline from New Haven and eastern points?

Would consider going inland along RT 9 Norh - as far as Hartford if the place is fabulous.

So help me out here CH's!

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  1. Celtica in New Haven used to offer a nice tea at its old location on College St. It's moved to a new location downtown, 1008 Chapel St. I am not sure if it offers tea still. Telephone number is (203) 785 8034 if you want to call.

    1. Have never been there but wanted to give you a option

      1. Tea Roses in Cromwell is a quaint, quiet setting for a pot of tea and treats--be that tea sandwiches and soups or a cheese platter. Cheese selections are straight from Wild Raspberry in Cromwell. I didn't order one, but admired another table's platter. I went just once for lunch and enjoyed it. It's not inexpensive, but I don't think afternoon tea is (inexpensive) as a rule. The owner is very welcoming and she offers some very interesting tea selections. I think I had a wild blueberry one, IIRC--yum!

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            Sadly, that tea room closed a few years ago (the business has relocated to Florida). I don't know if anything equivalent is currently in the spot, but there wasn't last time I went down that street.

          2. There are quite a few listed at
            but the only ones I have visited are Savvy (Madison), Bee&Thistle (Old Lyme) and Flood Tide(Mystic). Savvy often has tea-inspired meals, and their website lists an afternoon tea on Oct. 8.