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Sep 26, 2011 05:27 AM

New China Pearl Woburn

Was looking forward to Dim Sum. Unforunately it was a Fri. evening and didn't realize it wasn't served on that day. So we ordered from the menu. Spring Rolls were good, Crab rangoons...could not taste any crab in them, but the meal was the worst. All three of us ordered combo plates and it tasted like the food from reheated from their lunch buffet.
When we go back we really want to try good dim sum and have the "cart experience". Was this restaurant just having a bad day or should we go elsewhere in the future?

New China Pearl
288 Mishawum Rd, Woburn, MA 01801

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  1. The cart service isn't that great either. Suck it up and head to Chinatown.

    1. what a horrifying story of your dinner. i live close by and when i first discovered it yrs ago i thought it was v.good, but i now only go to c'town. if you have never had a cart experience, it will prob be fine for you(unless dimsum there has changed drastically.) it is not terrible by any means; just not the best. if you do a CH search you will find many threads; do check those out bef you go again. same for CH dimsum spots.

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        I agree (I think) with OC, the dim sum is actually pretty good, and sometimes very good, with a pretty good variety. The americanized menu and buffet, however, were not.

        1. re: justbeingpolite

          I think the weekend dimsum is ok, not as good as Hei La Moon in Boston but acceptable considering its location and convenience. Also have ordered some dishes off the menu during dimsum which were excellent. Pan fried noodles, chow foon, peapod stems..

          I have never tried the Americanized combo plates but have heard from others they are not good.

          Hei La Moon
          88 Beach St, Boston, MA 02111

      2. Dimsum there is best/most fresh during weekend lunchtime (as is true at most dimsum places around here.) I would avoid combo plates. Order some spicy salt shrimp (specify "no shell" if you like.) Keep your eyes open for their "shrimp toast" (actually shrimp paste on fried cruller).

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          Yeah, that's a good one. Also I'm a fan of the clams (or periwinkles) in black bean sauce.

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            I had dim sum there again this past weekend and was chatting with the owner, "Mark" .
            He took over three years ago and has been renovating and upgrading. They DO do weekday dim sum, but I haven't been then and can't comment. They added live fish tanks about a year ago, good looking eel, tilapia, lobster, Dungeness Crab in them.
            At dinner they've got a twin lobster special, cooked however you like, for 15.95, I think, and twin 2lbers for $30, I think he said!! Definitely might be worth a try.

        2. I went there today for Friday dim sum and was very pleasantly surprised. The dim sum is above average and there were 2, maybe 3 women pushing carts around to the diners. All the standards were offered. The variety wasn't the widest, but they did have items like chicken feet, shrimp and beef crepes, spareribs, turnip cake. If you don't want to drive into Chinatown and this location is convenient; I would definitely recommend a trip to try at least once if you're interested and keep your expectations reasonable (it is not Chinatown). The decor is gaudy and a little dated, unfortunately. The restaurant is clean though and the service was very friendly. Prices reasonable; about $3 for the mid-tier dim sum dishes; for 3 people we ran a bill of less than $30 and were plenty full. A few years back I had pretty bad dim sum in Westboro and at the 88 Food Court in Allston; the food here and the experience were way better.