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Sep 26, 2011 05:22 AM

Birthday Shopping - Gourmet Food, Quirky Kitchen Appliances/Dishware

I have a friend's 30th birthday coming up and I'd like to buy him some off-centered gourmet food, quirky kitchen stuff, and/or dishware. The only thing is that he literally has EVERYTHING! Any particular shops in Boston/Cambridge/Brookline accessible via MBTA? Already explored Kitchen Arts, Christina's, and thinking of heading over to Cambridge today... gift necessary for Saturday PM.

THANK YOU! You guys are the best.

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  1. Boutique Fabulous in Inman may have some cute dishware and other quirky kitchen items.

    1. Pretty much anything you get at Formaggio will be great. Cheese, sausages, wine, jams, chocolates. Some teas and coffee beans as well.

      It's a longish walk from Harvard Square, or you can take the 72 bus (stops a block away outbound, and right in front inbound).

      1. Also, Savenor's Market in both Cambridge and Boston will have gourmet food gifts.

        Savenor's Market
        92 Kirkland St, Cambridge, MA

        1. Is there a Homegoods accessible by T--Medford Maybe?

          They have great cookware, dishes and some unusual treats.

          I'm jonesing for my next visit just writing this!

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            There's a new Homegoods in Allston, next to the Super Stop & Shop. Best public transit access is by bus - the 64 goes right there but doesn't run very often; you can also take either the 57 or the 66 to Union Square Allston and it's about a half-mile walk.

          2. If you come into Harvard Square, you should hit Cardullo's (overpriced gourmet goods from all over the world and local, always something really interesting though), Black Ink (not strictly kitchenware, but always really cool things and def worth the look), and there's a new store called Follow the Honey, which has numerous kinds of honey and bee-related things.