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Sep 25, 2011 07:56 PM

Lunch for 30 in Jerusalem

We are heading to Israel for our daughter's Bat Mitzvah in March. We will have a group of about 30 and we are looking for some recomendations that would be great for lunch. Type of food and cost are really not issues, as long as the food is good and the place is nice. A friend recommended Ticho, which looks beautiful on their site. Any reviews would really help.

Thanks in advance,


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  1. I don't think Ticho could take 30 people. It's a modest sized restaurant. It's a pleasant place, but doesn't have the pizzaz you're probably looking for if you're bringing 30 people to Jerusalem.

    Eucalyptus and 1868 are the two that are probably the best set up for events. If you want to go to the countryside outside Jerusalem, the Midbach shel Rama is very nice, and also a place called Majda in En Hemed.

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      First of all, mazel tov on your daughter's bat mitzvah. According to eLuna, Ticho can indeed accommodate a group of 30
      It is a very pretty place in the heart of Jerusalem, reasonably close to the hotels and easily accessible by public transit. The quality of the food has been a bit unpredictable when I've eaten there, however, but that's par for the course in Jm restaurants.

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        MarkC & almond tree...Shana Tova to you both...thanks for the info. I will investigate further and post any decisions or additional questions.

    2. the ticho house is a beautiful setting. in march it may be cool outside, but probably they could use the outdoor heaters. i think it is completely appropriate for this type of meal. a wonderful indoor venue could be at the david's citadel hotel. i love the food and the site is a gorgeous view of the old city. another option is the beautiful restaurant at the begin institute, so many jerusalem venues have catering options you might investigate.

      1. Here's an article in Haaretz about Jerusalem restaurants:

        1. Mazal tov and shanah tovah. Please consider reporting back on your experience. We are considering a bat mitzvah in Israel in 2 years and would appreciate any advance info I can get.

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            I'm resurrecting this old thread to see if there are any new options around - How is the food at the Quarter restaurant (it appears to be the closest to the wall). But I think we would be willing to walk an extra 10 minutes or so if the food quality/options merit that. We are in a similar situation, looking at December this year (so outdoor venues are probably not a good idea). Thank you for any thoughts/advice.

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              Hi, Where did you end up? In a similar situation as well! Thanks