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Sep 25, 2011 07:47 PM

thanksgiving dinner in edmonton

my family (parents, sister, her fiance, me and my husband) are planning to go out for thanksgiving dinner this year - in edmonton. my google searches have came up with a few restaurants that offer this (cafe de ville, high level, edmonton queen, milestone's), but i'm not finding much of a selection nor can i find reviews of the ones mentioned specifically regarding their thanksgiving dinner. any recommendations?

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  1. Out of those, the only one worth going to in my opinion is Cafe de Ville, I wonder if Manor Cafe would do a Thanksgiving dinner? The other places I would try is the hotel restaurants such as Hotel Mac, Westin or Madison's. They might have an option for you, perhaps even Sage out at the River Cree would be doing a dinner.

    1. Just saw that Highlands Kitchen is doing a turkey dinner.

      And so is ABC Country, but well... I am not going to speculate on the quality.

      1. Maybe see whether corso32 or Red Ox Inn are doing something. I would highly recommend both.