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Sep 25, 2011 07:03 PM

I've just discovered Greek yogurt! what do I do with it?

Where have I been?! I've just discovered it (haha!) and love it's rich, creamy texture.

I usually eat (regular) yogurt on the side in a raita or perhaps with a fruit crumble, as a healthier alternative to ice cream, but what else can I do with Greek yogurt?

How do you eat it?

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  1. I've been making my own fruit on the bottom yogurt for breakfast. A big dollop of yogurt goes into a glass dish/jar along with some preserves and some granola for a delicious and filling meal. My co-workers have been jealous, which is a side bonus.

    1. Very simply: with some good honey on top. Delicious. Berries for an added bonus. :)

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        I don't mind just plain *sweetening* it with white sugar, like you'd do with lemons to make lemonade. Simple and effective. I am very familiar with how nice it is with honey too!

      2. Any recipe calling for sour cream can be substituted with Greek yogurt so I've been using it for some time in pancakes, cakes, tea breads, cheesecake, dips, marinades, etc.

        Greek yogurt smoothies

        Like TampaA enjoyed in all sorts of fruit concotions

        I eat Greek yogurt every day in some fashion, love the stuff. Have fun experimenting!

        1. I made a cucumber -dill- greek yogurt salad to have with our lamb the other night for dinner. I've always made that salad with sour cream, but this was delicious.

          For a snack, greek yogurt topped with homemade strawberry jam. Heaven.

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            Agreed, lots of savory preparations for it. I use it to make a lite and egg-free caesar dressing that, if full of lemon and garlic, is pretty darn good. I also mix it with harissa for a nice spicy sauce for grilled meat, or use it as the base of a tartar sauce for fish.

          2. I use it in my chicken salad- just your average chicken salad with maybe cranberries, maybe some chives, then sub 3/4 of the mayo with yogurt. Tangy and really brings all the flavors together in harmony!