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Dave's Killer Bread at Safeway in San Francisco

Imagine my delight as I walked through the door at the Safeway at Cabrillo and 7th Avenue and found the display for Dave's Killer Bread. Absolutely made my day with Good Seed, Blues, PowerSeed, 21 Whole Grains breads. I am Happy.

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  1. That's very exciting. These are hearty breads--you could buy two loaves and use them to tone your arms while you eat a slice.

    1. I was just turned on to Dave's Killer Bread while up in Seattle. I was lamenting how I could not find it in the city. Now to be told it's sold at Safeway! Killer!!

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          Yes but not all Safeways and not all of the large variety. Check the store locator. Good stuff, I got mine in Orinda, none in Berkeley yet.

        2. Thanks Cynsa! Imagine my surprise to find that my Safeway in Sharon Heights has this bread - here in the heart of the vast emptiness...

          1. Great news! I always have my sister bring me loaves of Good Seed from Dave's in Portland. They freeze super well. Did you spot any Sin Dawgs??

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            1. re: oniontears

              Not at the Potrero Safeway. They had four different kinds including Good Seed and the Blues one. I got 21 grain. They're $4.99 this week ($1 off) with a club card.

              1. re: oniontears

                no Sin Dawgs. I wish. My brother brings them when he visits SF from Portland. Let's ask Dave.

                1. re: Cynsa

                  He's apparently making bagels too, but they didn't have any when I was the farmers market in Portland. And not likely they'd travel well.

              2. can someone describe these breads and how they might differ or compare with breads made here in the bay area? thanks in advance

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                  Look for it at Costco too - it comes in a two-pack (the Costco way :-). I buy it at Costco in Seattle and Tacoma. One loaf goes in the freezer and it does great!

                  1. re: libstewart

                    Has anyone seen it at local Costco stores? Sounds great.

                  2. re: majordanby

                    It's a hearty, seedy pre-sliced sandwich loaf, similar to Vital Vittles but I think moister. Keeps for a long time.

                    With a great founder's backstory. See the website.

                    1. re: Windy

                      thanks for the info. ill be heading up to portland this weekend, so ill grab some there

                      1. re: majordanby

                        You can taste all 10+ kinds and the sin dawgs at the Saturday farmers' market at PSU.

                        1. re: Windy

                          Tasting all the breads' samples at the Saturday Farmers' Market at PSU is a grazing delight. I am longing for a Sin Dawg.

                          1. re: Windy

                            Just got back from the market and tried out most of their breads. You're dead on about the taste and texture - like vital vittles, but more moist. or maybe like beckman's except heavier. I like it and probably will try to find it in the bay area when convenient. I got loaves of powerseed, blues, and sin dawg - and got a tote bag and a bag of good seed for free. they were going for like $4 a loaf, with the most expensive being the raisin at $5.50. And there's a reason why they call them sin dawgs - i could eat a loaf by myself (well, maybe half a loaf as it is fairly sweet).

                            1. re: majordanby

                              Which market has sin dawgs?--oh, you're in Portland :) Lucky you.

                              I've been eating my 21 grain with hazelnut butter I brought home from PSU.

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                                I also just tried it for the first time..bought a loaf at the Market St. Safeway in S.F...very very good, moist with an abundance of seeds , so quite chewy and with a slight sweetness from the molasses...they have 3 kinds...

                      2. I emailed Safeway and asked about getting it at the Downtown Market Store in San Jose. Safeway customer service said to speak to a manager about ordering this product Blues Bread 25oz w/ the UPC: 0-13764-02701 & order number: 25-18959. Hopefully I can try this bread one day.

                        The customer service rep for Dave's emailed the most popular breads:
                        Good Seed
                        21 Whole Grains
                        Sprouted Wheat

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                        1. re: hhc

                          There's a list of which Safeways have it on his website, and where it's coming later this month. Looks like it's in Mountain View and Sunnyvale.


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                            Wandered through both the Davis St (SF Fin. District) and Marina Blvd Safeways this week and it was not to be found. Assuming it's either popular or they are working through some supply kinks.

                            1. re: jcormac

                              Or it's not with the breads. At Potrero, it was in a standalone cardboard case on the left wall by the cheese. (Davis Street is not on the Safeway list on their store locator, but Marina is.)

                              1. re: jcormac

                                The North Beach/Fisherman's Wharf Safeway has it. It was located on it's own small wooden shelf at the beginning of the bread aisle.

                          2. 6 varieties available at Safeway on Hamilton in Campbell.

                            1. Thanks for the tip, Cynsa. I got Good Seed on sale at the Foster City Safeway for $4.99 (instead of $5.99) and it's really flavorfiul.

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                                  $3.99 at Safeway today... I think it is on sale for a week more.. but not positive. I really like Good Seed... in SF,King Street store but I presume it will be the price at all of the Safeways.

                                  1. re: sharkfin

                                    $3.99 in Safeway's weekly ad specials. I was at the Safeway on Market Street at 14th — they only had the Blues bread. The Safeway at Cabrillo and 7th Avenue in the Inner Sunset has four kinds of Dave's Killer Breads. I have one $3.99 loaf in the freezer now. Sale ends on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

                                    1. re: Cynsa

                                      I got 3 different kinds of Dave's and they all taste the same to me. I'm certain I would not be able to tell them apart in a blind taste test.

                                      For the same price (but, a smaller loaf I guess) is the 365 multi-seed bread from WF -- really delicious and much firmer.

                                      1. re: walker

                                        just toasted a slice of Blues - it's sweeter than the others.

                                        1. re: Cynsa

                                          Bought the 21 Whole Grains at the Safeway at Cabrillo and 7th Ave. Nice to see it recognized as one of the weekly specials at $3.99.

                                2. Found them on sale for $4.99 at the Strawberry Village Plaza Safeway in Mill Valley on Tuesday. Picked up a Blues after contemplating between the Good Seed, Powerseed and 21 Whole Grains and am enjoying it quite nicely.

                                  1. I bought Dave's Killer Bread at Costco Fremont yesterday, 21 Whole Grains 2 loaves for $6.99. Didn't see any other variety of his.

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                                      I bought Dave's Killer Bread at the San Francisco Costco on 10th and Harrison two days ago. They sell 3 types: Powerseed, 21 Whole Grains, and 21 Whole Seeds (I think), each in 2 (27-oz) loaf packages. They were priced at $6.99.

                                    2. I saw it at the safeway at 4th and King about a week and a half ago and tried out the 21 Whole Grains one.

                                      It's seems quite moist and has a slightly sweet aftertaste.

                                      I am not into bread that is even a little sweet so I think I am going back to Oatnut 3 seed, but I can see why people like this. I just have the anti-sweet tooth.

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                                      1. re: sfchris

                                        I'm a hold-out for the $3.99 sale - Powerseed is my fave.

                                        1. re: Cynsa

                                          the south of market costco in san francisco currently has dave's killer up front in their organic section. 2 loaves to a bag. the 2 seeded breads, and another variety. $6.99. freezes well.

                                        2. re: sfchris

                                          This is a bit late - but I love the alvarado st bakery bread sold at the SF costco, nutty and not at all sweet. It only has 1g of sugar per slice: a fraction of dave's killer breads, which typically have about 4 grams, if you care about that sort of thing!

                                          1. re: drinkmoretang

                                            Grocery Outlet in West Berkeley has Alvarado Street bread - the best!

                                            1. re: sydthekyd

                                              Alvarado Street is usually available at the Petaluma Grocery Outlet.

                                        3. Reliaby available at Cash & Carry locations, @4.00 per loaf.

                                          1. Dave right on. Perfect distribution every where. Now how much are you going to get selling out to the big boys. Flowers, Bimbo take the money and run

                                            1. Dave's is now at Costco in Foster City.

                                              1. It's on price promotion at Ray's market in Cloverdale, $4.99.

                                                1. I know this is an older post but saw a Safeway's ad for Dave's Killer Bread - $3.99 Club Price this week starting 10/16/2013

                                                  1. Costco is selling these breads in two-packs (each bread is 27 oz.) for $6.99 -- about $3.50 per loaf. Three kinds but you can't mix loaves -- PowerSeed, 21 Whole Grains, and the blue package with lots of Seeds.